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Letter: Disagrees with Glynn column

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webmaster | 03/30/12

After reading Thursday’s “Howling From The Heartland” regarding “Education: The power to make or break,” I felt that I could remain silent no longer.

I have followed Jim Glynn’s liberal rants for some time now, and feel that it is time for a conservative to voice a slightly different opinion. Mr. Glynn starts his story by equating our country’s success to the education of our populace and finishes with a condemnation of Proposition 13 and the typical “liberal lament” of “If we only had more money we could do a better job.”

Thank God for Proposition 13, or many of our seniors in California would have been taxed out of their homes long ago by liberals who love to spend money. It never ceases to amaze me how the academics and public servants of this country can continue to demand higher wages and benefits, far exceeding those wages and benefits received in the private sector, and then wonder why they would need more money to keep their “machine” running. Notice I call it their machine, because our government and governmental institutions are no longer “Of The People, For The People and By The People.”

What Jim Glynn has failed to say to these elitist liberals is stop asking for more raises in bad economic time, better benefits and better retirement and you will have more than enough money to keep the “machine” running.

Stop placing such onerous rules and regulations on those of us who actually produce something so that we can employ more people who will then spend the money they are earning to get the economy going again. Stop dreaming that if only we could tax a little more we could solve the problem of poor education, poverty and lack of health care.

The government could take 100 percent of everyone’s earnings and would still not have enough money to do everything that government would like to do. Learn to live within your means like the rest of us have done. Don’t give out that $1 million grant to study the snail darter. Stop subsidizing oil exploration by foreign countries. Stop blowing up dams in Oregon that have created jobs and provided security from floods. Quit giving foreign aid to our enemies because you believe that we can buy friendship.

Start spending this money here at home to care for our poor and mentally ill. Start trade schools so that we can educate people to actually build things again instead of having all of our jobs shipped overseas or bridges built in San Francisco by Chinese companies because U.S. companies do not have enough experienced welders working for them. Train the welders and steel workers that we no longer have because you tell us that everyone should go to college. Who will build the houses, clean the clothes, cook the meals in restaurants, build the bridges, make the cars, if everyone in this country is college educated?

There are thousands upon thousands of college students graduating with no jobs available in their chosen field. Do we really need any more attorneys? Who will want to be a doctor once “Obamacare” is fully implemented and doctors are told how much they can earn, where they can practice and how many patients a day they can see.

The fabric of our society is crumbling due to liberalism and the fact that we have moved away from family values, self-reliance and the will to succeed on our own ... but if only we had more money we could solve all of our problems. We could finally create the utopia the elitists have always dreamed about ... not!

Michael Pistoresi,


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