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Letter about Clinton got it backwards

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webmaster | 01/30/13

This letter is in response to the op-ed written by Dr. Loraine Goodwin on Friday, Jan. 25, regarding the “grilling of Clinton.” Here’s a news flash, Dr. Goodwin ... George Bush isn’t the president anymore; and to try to blame him four years later for what happened in Libya under the Obama administration is naive, sophomoric and frankly insulting to our collective intelligences.

You note that George Bush started the Middle East wars under false pretenses by claiming the presence of weapons of mass destruction. Did you make that same claim of false pretense when the Clinton administration accused the Iraqis of weapons of mass destruction? I think not. You noted the killing of innocents during the Bush administration, yet you fail to note that more innocents have been killed during the Obama administration through its reliance on drone attacks that kill innocents indiscriminately through collateral damage.

You mentioned that the CIA fed Ambassador Rice “false” information for her talking points right after the Benghazi catastrophe. Would that be the same CIA that Barack Obama just appointed a new director to? And if, as you noted, “Everyone knew the cause was probably the 9/11 anniversary (including yourself),” then why couldn’t the Ivy League intellectuals that are stacked up like cord-wood in this administration figure it out and then just come forward and be honest with the American people?

And lastly, you noted that the Republican Congress eliminated $300 million from the State Department budget; the last time I checked, the “Congress” is made up of both the House of Representatives (Republican controlled) and the Senate (Democratically controlled), ergo, the Congress is not Republican controlled.

Had you been more forthright in your article, it would have been fair to say the Republican controlled House of Representatives put forth an appropriations bill that called for $300 million less for the State Department than the Obama administration asked for; however, you might remember that “Congress” has not adopted a budget for the last two cycles principally because the Senate Majority Leader (Harry Reid, D-Nev) will not allow the budget to be brought before the Senate for a vote.

Former Democratic President Harry S. Truman is often remembered for his famous quote “the buck stops here”, and frankly, Dr. Goodwin, that philosophy stands true today... “the buck stops” with the Obama administration.

The answers to the entire Benghazi boondoggle are right in the Obama administration’s mirror. All they really need to do is open their eyes. President Obama proudly declared during his campaign that his administration had “Al Qaeda on the run” and that they were no longer the threat that they once were. Well, for once, President Obama was right, his administration does have Al Qaeda on the run. Unfortunately they have run to North Africa and the current affairs in Egypt, Libya, Algeria and Mali are a direct result of his foreign policy that is reactive rather than proactive.

Was Secretary Clinton “grilled?” Yes, and thankfully so, because as head of the State Department it is her responsibility to ensure the safety of her employees no matter where they are. What was really disappointing about the appearance of Secretary Clinton at the recent hearing was, that not one of the Democratic members on the panel had the “stones” to ask her a legitimate question about the absolute leadership failure during the Benghazi raid. They seemed more preoccupied with the fact that she has logged over one million miles in her tenure as secretary of state rather than the response of her department during the affair.

And to use Hillary Clinton’s now famous words with respect to those 1 million miles, “What difference did they make? “You want the answer to that question, ask the family members and loved ones of those who died as a result of this administration’s leadership vacuum.

Bruce Norton,


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