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Let’s get rid of abandoned cars

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webmaster | 02/19/13

All comments are edited for length and content. Because of content and space limitations some comments may not be published. More than one comment from the same person in the same week will normally not be published. If your message contains profanity it will not be used. Please keep your calls to two minutes or less.

  • A woman called “in regards to the Madera High boys basketball team. They have not had a good record since the schools split. Maybe they should combine Madera High with Madera South because when you play Edison (High of Fresno) and only have 17 points something is wrong. They either need a new coach or more kids coming out.”
  • A man called on the “promotion to head football coach at Madera High of the defensive coordinator Madera South got rid of. The school board needs to start doing their homework. Or should we get rid of them, or maybe the A.D. (athletic director) and principal, who, by the way, do not live in Madera. What does that say?”
  • “I know my call may not mean anything,” began a lady. “But I notice so many abandoned cars all over. It’s very irritating to see these cars abandoned all the time. They are not being used for anything. Thank you for your time.” (Editor’s note: Report abandoned cars to the city code enforcement office, 661-5114.)
  • A woman had a message “for the gentleman and Madera County employee. I agree, we are stuck with the good old boy system. There are four of us sitting here and we were all forced, forced,” she repeated, “to be laid off or take early retirement in the past two years. People have talked to the higher-ups but they just push it under the carpet. There are two departments that definitely need to be investigated. They have got rid of all their great employees. Until the grand jury goes in nothing is going to change. Good luck to all county employees. I hope you get to keep your job.”
  • A man said, “I, and my fellow disc golfers, use Lions Town and Country Park daily as do the walkers and families. As a taxpayer, I was disgusted, Monday, to see on the grounds of the remains of corn-on-a-stick, paper plates, soda cans, and plastic wraps. Isn’t there some ordinance imposed on the corn vendor to supply trash cans? Us responsible taxpayers take our trash to the cans. Our Parks and Rec Department are doing a great job maintaining our parks. I am all for banning the corn vendors and popup vendors. There has to be some type of ordinance to take away this trash. Keep our parks clean.”
  • He called again the next day saying he found discarded, “Starbucks cups and other trash.”
  • A lady “just saw in the paper the celebration of Ash Wednesday. I say, as we look forward to Resurrection Sunday, 40 days from now, that Jesus gave himself on the cross that we can be reconciled to God, let us also remember the horrible law of Roe versus Wade and pray this abomination comes to an end.”
  • A woman left a message that could only be partially understood. “The community is addicted to gossip and drama. They are not helping the kids. The crazies out there, with inappropriate comments, and the Madera Tribune is getting rich because of them.”
  • A lady called and simply said, “Please, please immunize your children against the flu.”
  • A man commented on “the case of the Madera Unified (School Board) chairman trying to bribe Mr. (School Trustee Lynn) Cogdill that opens up a new can of worms. How many more trustees did he have to bribe to get the votes for Mr. Frausto? Any future voting on Mr. Frausto would be viewed with a dark cloud as far I’m concerned.”
  • Another caller said, “Trustee Cogdill is always looking for headlines. One of these days his accusations will get him a lawsuit. He is not on the school board to serve the kids. He is on the board to serve himself.”
  • A caller left a message about “Fourth Street is finally finished. The private construction company did a terrific job, now how long is it going to take the city going to put lane striping and crosswalk markings at Lake and D (streets)?”
  • A “concerned Californian” and regular caller on the subject of oil prices said, “this is toward the politicians. The only thing they can do is raise taxes and bring down programs. How come they don’t have the power to lower gas prices? If they don’t have that much power then what do we need them for? We need to lower gas prices.

Thank you for your calls. Remember the Red Line is open for your messages 24 hours a day by calling 674-4478.


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