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Leave our leaders alone, caller suggests

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webmaster | 03/18/14

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  • A regular reader of this column said: “Every Tuesday in the Red Line, I read about the same things. People complaining about water, people complaining about people from other countries, people complaining about stores, people complaining about the leaders of this country. I believe we have abused this country enough. Why don’t we just pick up and go back to where our forefathers came from, and leave this country alone. It was a beautiful country then, and it is now.”
  • An online contributor said, “Gary Svanda admits to knowing nothing about being an assessor but wishes to run the assessor’s office because of his vast experience in managing people. Svanda failed to mention that for years his vast managerial experience has been running his one-man office with the clerical support of the current assessor’s wife. Interesting that this relationship was not noted in the current assessor’s endorsement of Svanda. If you don’t know anything about what your job entails, how do you even know if the people you are ‘managing’ are doing their jobs correctly?”
  • A Madera woman called with a message regarding the lady who commented about failing wells: “In 2009, 10 families in Madera Lakes lost their wells, and the supervisor of that area at that time never said one word. A lot of people had to use their credit cards to get new wells drilled, and they’re a lot more expensive now than they were then. And don’t look for any help, because you won’t get any.”
  • Another reader of the Opinion Page called to comment to the person who called in to say that “‘Madera is considered the dirtiest area in the nation;’ well, they’re right. I was born and reared in Madera many years ago, and people then took pride in their yards and homes. I’m talking about all neighborhoods — the rich, the middle class and the poor. I’m looking at every other yard now, filled with junk, sofas, furniture, broken up cars. I call these people lazy. What happened to code enforcement? The City of Madera should encourage residents to clean up their yards. Come on Madera, take pride in your city.”
  • “It’s a darned shame about Madera being the dirtiest town in America,” said another caller on the subject. “From Gateway all the way down to Tozer, it’s a total dump site. What can we do? I’d really like to see these neighborhoods cleaned up.”
  • A reader called to say she had attended a political debate in Oakhurst, and said: “I watched the debate for the district attorney candidates, and I could not believe it when Mr. Keitz was asked about the Rowley Report and how he fought to keep it secret. And he stated that he, himself, ordered the report. Come on, does he really expect us to believe that he asked to have himself investigated for hostile work environment? And then he claims he sued the county because he claims that he promised the employees he would keep their names anonymous. I remember reading an article in your paper in which it said that Keitz’ attorney said that releasing the report would cause irreparable harm to Mr. Keitz. Nowhere in that article did it say that Mr. Keitz was suing on behalf of his employees. Is this the kind of district attorney we want? One that can’t seem to tell the truth?”
  • A person who hasn’t much faith in Rep. Jeff Denham called to say: “In today’s letters, March 13, Bill Hoffrage is asking for advice on the high-speed rail from Jeff Denham. Now, Jeff Denham wants to take the high-speed rail money and any other money he can get hold of and send it to the East Coast. Jeff Denham, who wants to get rid of California money? I think you’re the one who needs to get advice, Mr. Hoffrage.”
  • A woman who called last week about an abandoned house corrected the address in a call this week. The house is on Ellis and Road 26, she said.
  • ”I’m calling the Red Line about public transportation in Madera,” said a resident. “My mom rides it every day, and no one answers. But I understand that you can look on Facebook and see them (dispatchers) talking back and forth. And when someone does answer, they are very rude. And the buses are always dirty.” She said she would appreciate it if somebody in bus management could look into the situation at Dial-A-Ride and address the issues.
  • Another caller had a complaint about a productive new deep well east of Madera. “A gentleman has come in down here near the ‘Y’ off Highway 145 and turned cattle land into an almond orchard. He has put in a 1,200-foot well that can pump 2,200 gallons a minute. There goes part of our water that we do have, which isn’t much. The last couple of days he’s been irrigating, he’s got more water lying out there than there are almonds. He doesn’t care about his neighbors. His neighbors all have 400-foot wells, and he’s out there sucking the water from below. Something needs to be done to stop this kind of development.”

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