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Kind words about car shows

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webmaster | 10/16/12

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  • A “first-time caller” said, “I agree with the man last week. Hey, Chuck, why don’t you print some one-liners as we get closer to the election that gives Maderans a different view? Especially on the propositions. I read him every day and I think he knows exactly what’s going on and doesn’t mind telling it.”
  • “Hey Chuck,” began a man about the editor. “Thanks very much for covering the propositions, particularly the tough ones. I really have to congratulate you for putting a sense of sanity to the discussions about the propositions. We really appreciate what you’ve done with the newspaper and your support of the community.”
  • A woman was “looking at the Madera Tribune, Friday, Oct. 12, and I want to thank Michael Keitz for the explanation on Proposition 36. Now I will for sure I will vote no on Prop. 36. Thank you for your insight, Mr. Keitz.”
  • Due to background noise, a caller was hard to understand when they left a message about a column by “Tami Jo Nix. You managed to offend approximately two-thirds of Madera. Has she (Nix) had any classes concerning the Mormon or Catholic religions? And the total lack of respect for the oval office was hilarious.”
  • “It’s October the 10th,” began a woman. “It’s Wednesday morning at 5:10 a.m. I’ve called circulation since 5 a.m. and received no answer. This is the second Wednesday in a row I haven’t got my Save Mart ad. Now maybe that isn’t important to you or somebody else, but it certainly is to me. And why doesn’t anyone answer the phone?"
  • A lady wanted us to know, “when I opened my newspaper this morning there was a seven-inch tear in it.”
  • A woman told the Madera South High football coach “to quit using excuses, or injuries as to why you are losing. You have some of the best players who are not even playing.” She then named two players. “Those players know how to tackle and tackle hard. You are 0 and 6. It’s time for you to go.”
  • A man said, “Last Saturday there were two car shows in town. The Mopar show, which was nice, and the Community Car Show run by a body shop in town for the last four years. They were both nice. The body shop gave away free food, which could have made for a lot of the draw. It was strange there wasn’t anything in the paper about the body shop car show when they were both for the community.” (Note: A nearly full photo page about the body shop car show appeared in the Saturday, Oct. 13, edition of the Tribune.) The gentleman, after the above message, called back to say, “I just wanted to call back to say it was a very nice article. Thank you.”
  • I attended Heritage Day on Saturday,” began a man. “What a terrific time my wife and kids had. You guys did a great job in getting it in the paper. I will keep going back every year they have it.”
  • A man “found out by a letter from the employment office that unemployment benefits have been cut to 73 weeks maximum now. If you’re wondering why unemployment keep dropping is because Obama keeps cutting extensions for people. Some reporter should do a story on this. How they are cutting unemployment to make Obama look good.”

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