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Kids with cannabis cards? Come on

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webmaster | 05/14/13

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  • A woman “has been reading Frank Bradford’s letters to the editor and I think he is right-on on every issue. I think he should run for county supervisor or councilman. Great job.”
  • A lady said, “last week I went to the Madera High boys’ volleyball game on (Madera) South campus. I would like to comment on the poor choice by the coaches on their attire for senior night. I thought the school had a dress code. Well, the coaches need to use it. The head coach wore flip flops on the gym floor. What an example. The parents weren’t even announced with their sons. The volleyball players deserve better. Coaches, get your act together.”
  • A man was “wondering when The Madera Tribune will be covering the results from the lawsuit where Steven Geringer, and his wife, Susan Geringer, sued their own son. Yes, their own son. They not only lost, but they owe him money. When will the Tribune be covering this? It is despicable that an attorney and a father and mother sued their own child.”
  • “I appreciate the city painting the lines on the street; very good,” said a man. “But the problem is within six weeks they have already faded. How much is the city paying for that cheap paint? And why?”
  • A caller left a message in response “to the woman that said people from the south are inbred, that is not very nice.” He then went onto use a profane term directed at the woman that will not be printed, nor the remainder of the message.
  • A woman, “wanted to start out by saying how wonderful Relay For Life was this year. I also want to thank Great Beginnings for their help in the Survivor Booth and snacks. It was wonderful to see all the parents and children come together for the cause. I wish more businesses and companies would do that — to see all the families with their kids out there to help somebody.”
  • “I participated in Love Madera,” began a man. “I was wondering how come we didn’t put in flowers or greenery along 4th Street after they repaved and built the median. And why don’t we have any flowers along the median by Madera South (High), their colors are purple, plant some purple flowers.”
  • A man “just went outside to get my paper and it is soaking wet. I can’t believe anyone would be so stupid to throw a paper without covering it with something. This is my last dealings with the San Jose Mercury News, or rather the Madera Tribune.”
  • A woman also left a message “for the circulation department” and gave her address. “I want to thank you for the soaking wet paper this morning.”
  • A lady “left a message for Bill Coate, since he seems up to date on what the DA’s office is doing with our money. Why, with the Gran case filling up the space on Thursday, on Friday the DA goes to San Luis Obispo with the sheriff’s department and drug enforcement to get recertified to jump out of a helicopter for marijuana eradication? Did he really need to spend our money that way? Shouldn’t he have been investigating what is happening with the Gran case? Or prosecuting that case? Something the DA needs to be doing. I am very disappointed with him.”
  • On the same subject a man “wondered just how the county of Madera is going to put up with our wonderful DA Michael Keitz. He has proven time and time again he cannot manage his staff, he is refusing to prosecute cases that should be prosecuted, his lead attorney is an embarrassment and the other attorneys he had working for him have left. Yet he is our DA. What an embarrassment for Madera.”
  • “Alarming, Tulare home invasion,” began woman. “They were heavily armed. We are definitely out-gunned. How can I protect myself with only a 9mm? We need tougher laws. Maybe set up some tent prisons like Arizona. Get them some pink undies and green baloney. Camping around here is very doable.”
  • A woman called “in regards to where the new CVS is building (Howard Road and Pine St). We can all agree Madera needs businesses, but did anybody plan how the sidewalks were going to be taken out or how a person in a wheelchair or on a bike is supposed to get from the Walgreens area over to SaveMart? We have lost the sidewalk. Did not the company think of this in advance?”
  • “You should have sent out a reporter this morning to Yosemite at the Courthouse or Howard Road,” began a lady calling from the scene. “The traffic is unbelievable — mad, crazy people. From Tozer to the bank on Howard Road it took half an hour. It is crazy. You should send a reporter or helicopter.”
  • A woman called “on all these moms in Madera that allow their children to have cannabis cards and go to school. They should never okay a child to have a cannabis card and smoking pot during the day and school hours. Then, when they get expelled mom is crying about it because she’ll never see her child graduate from high school. Then you should have never done it in the first place. You should have got them psychiatric counseling. Mom, you created the monster. You deal with it.”
  • A man was “trying to get this straight in my head. The school board vote-selling scandal, high school starting at 7:40 next year without even asking the community – and that silly rotating block schedule is hurting Madera High softball practice hours and costing them the league championship. I don’t know how the community tolerates such bad management.”
  • A woman read the column “by John Rieping. You did an absolutely beautiful job. God bless you and thank you for standing so strong in your faith and sharing with us these beautiful stories. I cannot express the beauty I found in this article.”
  • A lady left a message “to the smartest relative I have, my niece that goes to U.C. Berkeley. Keep up the straight A’s. I was just wondering, should I call you doctor or professor? Love you very much.”

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