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Joe Biden’s guns not the problem

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webmaster | 01/14/13

Joe “Uncle Joe” Biden claims that Obama isn’t going to take his shotguns or his Berretta. That is not the problem. If Uncle Joe had an AK-47 with a 100-round clip, it wouldn’t be a problem. Why? Because he is not the problem.

The problem is those that chose to use guns, any gun, in a crime. Simply enough, eliminate those who use a gun in a crime, and soon I won’t need a gun. If a gun is used in a crime... execute the user of the gun. No trial, just hang him. Three or four of these might make even an idiot take notice.

Armed guards in schools? How are you going to protect the playground? The other day, before winter break (we call it Christmas), I was going past Lincoln School at recess. I could have stopped on Sunset (Avenue), and with a gun, blasted a bunch of kids and fled. I would be the one that needs to be stopped... not the gun.

This shooting in Colorado: Why are we wasting our time on this guy? Just get rid of him with a shot to the head. Let him hear the sound of the action.

Another real problem is Obama and executive powers. No president should be able to do what he is about to do on his own.

Bill Hoffrage,


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