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It's time to pick up North D Street

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webmaster | 10/09/12

All comments are edited for length and content. Because of content and space limitations some comments may not be published. More than one comment from the same person in the same week will normally not be published. If your message contains profanity it will not be used. Please keep your calls to two minutes or less.

  • A woman called about “(columnist) Bill Coate’s 100-year ago article states, ‘a candidate for Congress said if elected would work to transfer the government from Wall Street.’ Some things never change. People, get out and vote. Now is our time to make a change.”
  • A caller “responded to the gentleman’s comment (last week) about the Board of Supervisors, saying ‘something must be going on’. You couldn’t have said it better. They want to outsource everything, meaning employees will lose their jobs. It’s very funny that (supervisors) Frank Bigelow and Ronn Dominici are both leaving. (Former CAO) Stell Manfredi left before it really started getting bad. I feel sorry for every county worker. You will be shoved to the street.” (Editor’s note: Dominici is retiring, while Bigelow is running for the California Assembly.)
  • A hard to understand parent of “two students in Madera Unified School District,” had a comment. “It has come to my attention that the district has $32 million or $33 million dollars in reserve, and is only required to have $2 million in reserve. My kids are cramped. Thirty-eight kids in a classroom, not enough books, no field trips and other things. What is the district holding onto this money for? They get it from the state to spend on our kids. I don’t understand.”
  • “The lady who called (columnist) Leon Emo a druggie certainly does not know him,” began a lady. “He does not use illegal drugs. And for loving his wife there is no one more committed and loving toward his gal than Leon Emo. The comment about Starlight indicates this lady does not comprehend reading the newspaper. So, as a retired teacher, I would suggest she gets some remedial reading classes. Then she can continue reading Leon’s articles only with some understanding.”
  • A woman called “on the article (Oct. 2) about judge (David) Minier and his new book. What he said is very scary. If people don’t wake up and really think about the we, instead of the me, then all of the predictions in your book will come true.”
  • A lady, who gave her name, said, “I love Madera, the Tribune, Leon Emo, the scribe, and the Red Line. You’re the best.”
  • A man called in response to last week’s caller who remarked about the field next to Esperanza Market at Lake Street and Cleveland Avenue. “The city fire department had a chance this summer to clean that field up when they had a vegetation fire out there. They jumped on it and put it out instead of letting the whole field burn and making it a control burn. Furthermore, the City of Madera has no weed abatement ordinance.”
  • A woman called about “keeping Madera clean. I see a lot of ‘Love Madera’ signs all over the lawns, which is great. But would you tell the people, especially in the 400 and 500 block of North D Street, to pick up the trash in their lawns. It used to be Italian row and we’re trying to keep it clean over here. And also please keep up the alleys. The neighbors would appreciate it very much.”
  • A man said, “Chuck Doud writes great editorials. The one on San Francisco was hilarious. I’ve run the Bay to Breakers race every year for over 30 years along with a lot of new runners. Chuck’s description of them (nude guys) as terminally ugly was not only hilarious, but right on.”
  • “Hey Chuck,” began a man’s call to editor Chuck Doud. “As we get closer to the election how about printing up some one liners on the opinion page that gives the Madera Tribune’s or your position on some of these propositions. There’s too much stuff going on, on the television. Especially with Prop 32, I think it’s a big thing. I would appreciate your opinion, just briefly, one or two lines on each one.”
  • A regular caller about the oil companies left this message. “I just want to give a shout out to my native Californians. Gas prices are out of control. Oil companies are not going to let up. The only way to fight back is to not buy gas on Mondays and Fridays when the stock market opens and closes. They hurt us in the pocket book. Let’s hurt them in the pocket book. They are hurting our economy and damaging our country.”

Thank you for your calls. Remember the Red Line is open for your messages 24 hours a day by calling 674-4478.


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