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Items for disabled veterans stolen

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webmaster | 08/21/12

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  • “I’d like to leave a comment about all these taxes,” began a woman. “Brown taxing us for the schools, which will be a disaster. The forestry service taxing everyone that lives in the country to pay extra money for fire protection when we already pay for it on our property taxes. Seniors didn’t get any Social Security raise, yet they’re putting all these taxes on us. What do they expect of us?”
  • Several callers “complained they got their Saturday paper and there is no TV Guide in it. That is my main purpose for taking the paper in the first place.” Another lady said, “when I called about getting another one, they said they weren’t given one to put in the paper. They didn’t follow up or anything. That just irritates me.”
  • Another woman asked, “did I just miss the TV Guide, Saturday? Help.”
  • A woman “wanted to leave a message for all those that moan and groan and complain about the Mexicans that are always down collecting food stamps and medical. Well, right now it is 111 (degrees) and they’re in the fields harvesting everything in the fields that you put on your table at night. They’re the ones out there. You guys won’t go out there, nor I, when it’s 111 degrees to pick any of those crops. But the Mexicans will. They get minimum wage and are out there in that heat picking what you eat.”
  • A caller wondered “if anyone has come up with the solution on where the electricity for the highspeed rail is going to come from? We certainly can’t share anymore of what we have now.”
  • “The Giants may not win even the division, but they are definitely tops when it comes to drug cheaters,” said a man. “I am a Giants fan and will also admit that I believe fully that (Barry) Bonds took illegal drugs as did many players from that time. At least (Melky) Cabrera came out and admitted it. Bonds is a cheat, and doesn’t deserve to be in the Hall of Fame. The Giants management needs to clean up their act and their team.”
  • A woman started to leave a message. “Hi, the date on top of (Editor) Doud’s article on May, April, uh, August…” Then she hung up.
  • A caller said, “a couple of Tuesdays ago I put items in front of my garage door for the Disabled American Veterans to pick up. Someone came by and picked up all the items, boxes, etc. In other words, they came and took everything meant for the veterans. Not very nice people. It taught me a lesson. Do not trust anyone. Thank you for the Red Line. I never miss it."
  • “Somebody there is thinking,” said a caller. On Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday I always skip the front page and go directly to (Bill) Coate’s column, Tuesday, or (Leon) Emo’s on Wednesday and Friday. Now you have put both these entertaining writers on the same page on Fridays. Way to go.”
  • A lady asked, “how many times are we going to have to read ‘God save us from King Obama,’ written by Michael Reagan? In the United States we are a democracy not a dictatorship. We have 100 senators and 435 representatives in Congress.Ask yourself, what have these 535 people been doing for the past three and a half years? It’s not just President Obama.”
  • A man said, “I think we should stop providing free education, scholarships, to foreign students from all foreign countries. Why do we keep providing aid to these foreign countries when they do nothing for us? We need to take care of our own. Forget those countries. We owe them nothing.”

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