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It’s hard to understand the new fire fee

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webmaster | 08/29/12

I read this and don’t quite understand it. The state says its new fee is for fire “prevention” activities. CalFire says it’s for habitable structures in a protected area. And then there is a fee for protected structures in a protected area?

Needs more definition for me.

I know in other states they have implemented such fees, and as I recall a house burned to the ground because they didn’t pay the “protection fee.” Sounds like the Chicago rackets to me.

When I was about 10 or 11, I watched a house burn that was in a three block “unincorporated area.” It wasn’t in either of two nearby villages, so two fire units, one from each village were on their boundaries as the house burned. I thought it was stupid then and I think it is stupid now.

Liabilities are our biggest problems. Medical to illegal gang members and those that drink or use drugs. If we are to impose a fee, let’s impose an annual Emergency Medical Fee of $100 for each man, woman and child. This will require a photo medical card with name and address on it plus currency of the permit. Permit must be carried at all times. No permit? Just lie where you dropped. This will solve the ER bills to the state, and also the positive ID problem that faces law enforcement.

Bill Hoffrage,


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