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Insights on the strategy of focus

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webmaster | 08/07/13

A magician uses this strategy with nearly every illusion he performs. While he gets the audience to look at one hand, the other is working hard to accomplish the desired deception.

This ploy is used every day by the media. While the politicians are working to deceive the man on the street, telling of the benefits of a piece of legislation, the media neglect to provide an in-depth analysis with benefits, costs and disadvantages, but instead is complicit with (or too lazy or unprofessional) the presentation of the “facts.”

It is not all the fault of the reporter in the case of the health bill that was passed a little while back. The monumental law is so full of unknown requirements, and deceptive and hidden twists, that it was an unconscionable act on the part of anyone who voted for it.

I would expect that the elements were known in at least synopsis form by the passers of the legislation.

The legislators also showed a real lack of respect for their electorate by not doing due diligence in reviewing and debating it.

In the health bill the legislators successfully held the light of focus on the cost saving and the big brother assurances while, in the bill, funding voter registration — an unrelated and improper use of taxpayer money — slid through unnoticed. Also omitted were the aspects of the bill which formed “death panel” cost controls and cost shifting from existing programs were included without scrutiny. Whoever controls the focus of public attention controls the votes. Saddest to me is the abandoning of the truth by whim and without conscience.

A second, more recent use of this strategy is even more interesting and even more destructive. The media are helping professional strikers and rabble rousers to focus on a purported injustice done to a young, African American man. Please note that I am not calling attention to anyone’s guilt or innocence and you will soon see why.

Notice what is accomplished by the focus. Prejudice and bigotry is on everyone’s mind. Society is easily put in to an attitude of division. Who gains the advantage when division occurs? Who gains when this agitation leads to just one more reason to remove our guns from us? Who doesn’t care if rioters kill innocent people? I hope you figured out that the same government which created a terrible health bill wants to disempower us all by blaming a gun or prejudice on an unfortunate excess of self defense.

The focus has been about a nation of law or another unifying concept like neighborhood safety, but no — professional agitators pushing the agenda. So, little by little, right by right, freedom by freedom, the devilish march into chains continues.

Roger Eulberg,


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