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Incompetence and lies about Benghazi

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webmaster | 01/28/13

Dr. Loraine Goodwin, the perennial candidate for any office she can find to run for, had a long letter on Jan. 25, telling us her version of the Benghazi fiasco. Of course, the first thing out of her mouth was that it was George Bush’s fault and Sen. John McCain is senile. I did not watch Hillary Clinton being grilled by the Senate, just a few news clips, but it appears McCain may have been one of the few who was asking any tough questions of her and she did not like that. Did the Democrats ask any questions?

A lot of tough questions should have been asked because, she said, “As secretary of state I am responsible,” but then she wants to take no responsibility. She is not held accountable, nobody has been; oh, they pretended to fire two or three, but not really, they are still on the payroll.

She should have been the one going on the talk shows after the Sept. 11 attack but instead they sent out UN Ambassador Susan Rice to put out this lame story of the embassy attack being the fault of a video that nobody has ever seen, and Rice didn’t know anything about Benghazi.

Four Americans were killed, including our ambassador to Libya, and he had been sending cables to Washington telling the Obama administration of the lack of security and nothing was done.

Clinton said she never saw the cables. One of two SEALs disobeyed orders, left the building he was in and ran to the ambassador’s building to help in the fight. Two of these guys tried to fight off the attackers and reportedly killed about 60. Good for them.

There are other survivors of this attack but nobody has seen or heard from them. Why not? Have they been kept under wraps so they cannot talk with the press?

Obama stated we would be relentless in the pursuit of these terrorists. So how many have we caught? None. Tunisia had one, but let him go, Dr. Goodwin says the CIA was disseminating false information. How does she know this? The CIA also works for the president so maybe Obama fed false information to the CIA.

Obama also said he knew almost immediately that the attack was a terrorist attack and not caused by a video, yet he continued to spin that lie for weeks. Incompetence and lies were pervasive in this incident.

Dr. Goodwin seems to be blaming Ambassador Stevens for being killed, so she would be blaming the other three for their own deaths also. That is pathetic.

Frank Bradford,


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