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Impound cars of cell phone scofflaws

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webmaster | 02/12/13

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  • An “82-year-old” man said he “would like to thank the Democratic Party for voting the Democrats in and I had my federal income tax raised. I had my state tax raised. I had my property tax raised. What’s next? Also, to the gentleman who wrote in the paper about the ‘National Anthem’ and ‘God Bless America’ being sung at 140 beats per minute and 120 beats per minute, mister haven’t you ever heard of soul?”
  • “I see people driving around town all day talking on their cell phones,” said a man. “The police should impound their cars. They would think twice about talking on a cell phone then.”
  • A lady called “about the three traffic lanes at the intersection of Kennedy and Schnoor at the light going north. There are two left turn lanes and then the far right lane is to go straight or right. My suggestion is to have one left turn lane, the middle lane to go straight and the right lane to turn right. I don’t understand why we have two left turn lanes. We are not in L.A.”
  • A man called “about the mess the county is in right now with all the change that’s going on. Change is supposed to be good. Change is going to happen with or without you. Madera County is still stuck with that good old boy system. I’m a county employee and some of the things that are going on are uncalled for. Somebody needs to investigate what’s going on. Stop wasting the taxpayer’s money on all this bureaucratic stuff. Get down to making the county work and make people want to stay here. You’re building all these big buildings and laying off people. Who’s going to operate these buildings when there’s no people?”
  • A man responded to the hiring of the new Madera High football coach. “Just like the 49ers, where the backup quarterback within the 49er organization got a try, why can’t we give the defensive coordinator at Madera High a try? He is well respected by the kids. I know that for a fact because my son is a junior and he has nothing but respect for him. He’s a good example for the kids. We are all Maderans and should wish him the best.”
  • “I’m calling about the guns,” began a man. “I think it’s hypocrisy by the government. They are spending all our time and money and they won’t control the illegal immigrants.” He also, “brought up the roads. I’ve lived in Madera County for 60 years and instead of getting better they are getting worse. And that is about all I have to say.”
  • A lady gave her name and phone number and said she is “an attorney in Fresno and has been practicing law for 20 years. It is now 11 o’clock on Feb. 5. I read the article (letter) from Loraine Goodwin, who claimed after her name that she is a J.D. That is actually incorrect. She confessed to me that she has never taken the bar exam. I do know she is not an attorney and is misrepresenting herself and misleading the readers of your newspaper. (Editor’s note: the initialism J.D. after a person’s name stands for Juris Doctor, the degree awarded upon graduation from law school. It does not mean the holder has taken or passed the California State Bar Exam.) The caller again left her phone number “in case you have any further questions.”
  • A man called “about a racist person in Madera.” He gave the name of the business and location “and there was a lady (name given) cutting hair and she was saying racist remarks about the Mexicans here in Madera. I think it was totally outrageous. We should not have this type of person in Madera.”
  • “An employee for the city of Madera,” left a message. “It is heartbreaking to see what (District Attorney Michael) Keitz has gone through. Knowing him personally, he seems to be a real good guy. The complaint I have is the city (Editor’s note: It was the county) having to pay $1.4 million in his defense.”
  • A lady wanted “to know if you guys are still doing the baby announcements.” She left her phone number. (Note: The Madera Tribune still prints birth announcements.)
  • A reader communicated on the Tribune’s Web Site blog that “On Feb. 4 during broad daylight around 12:30 on Avenue 17 my husband saw a man driving a light grey Ford pickup hit a large dog going full speed right below the overpass and this person never hit his breaks or slowed down and proceeded to leave the dog, still alive, to die. My husband stayed with the dog until it died. You know who you are and I find you a sad excuse for a human being.”

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