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Immigrants advised to learn English

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webmaster | 06/26/12

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  • A man was “wondering how the super pacs can put all that money into Mitt Romney’s race? Because it’s your tax money from the tax cuts. That’s what it is. For the past 10 years they’ve been getting a tax cut at $745,000 a year. Think about that voters.”
  • “I’m calling about Road 28 and Avenue 14 1/2. There needs to be a four-way stop there. How many more people have to be killed before that happens?”
  • A man called about “the ads for city, county, and state jobs. You have to be bilingual to get those jobs. This is America. What’s wrong with us? These people come over here and live. They need to learn our language. What happened to the old timers, the Italians and people like that through Ellis Island? They had to learn English. We’re too easy on these people.”
  • A woman had a similar comment. “I’ve been reading Bill Coate’s stories on the Italian families that came over here and settled in Madera. They learned to speak English pretty quickly. The same went for the Germans and other nationalities. I know the Mexican people are not stupid and are hard workers. They might want to try a little harder to learn our national language. And that’s English.”
  • A caller urged “the woman who did that to that poor little dog should be tied up and treated like she treated that poor little dog.”
  • A lady urged “everyone to come out to the Madera Classic Car Show (last) Friday. It’s a great time. It is a fantastic place.”
  • A woman left a message for editor Chuck Doud. About “your editorial on the power of forgiveness, we all can forgive, but some of us can’t forget. (The Chowchilla kidnappers) deserve life in prison. If they would have got the millions of dollars he (the one released) would have taken it. They deserve to sit in jail and rot until hell freezes over. Don’t talk about the power of forgiveness. We’ve all forgave. But we’ll never forgive what they did to us in Chowchilla. You need to write a new editorial, because this one sucked.”
  • “Come on people, $140,000 a year,” began a man. “And we still have to pay for the new deputy superintendent’s gas and his health insurance at $1,700 a year for both. Come on, where is the outrage?”
  • An “unemployed teacher of Madera Unified School District” was “really appalled for them to go out of California to hire a Hispanic administrator. And then he turns around and hires another Hispanic administrator while laying off teachers. To top it off the administrator’s wife is a principal of a school. She has medical coverage and no doubt her husband was on it. Now he got a contract for medical coverage. Hmm, double dipping, nepotism, and I really hate to say this, but there is a lot of discrimination and backstabbing at Madera Unified. It’s has to stop.”
  • Another caller said, “I was glad to see the City Council throw the layoffs right back in the face of the department directors. The council told them to find better ways than to just lay off people. Good for them. Why don’t we ask for a 5 percent pay cut for every director, manager or supervisor that lives out of Madera. That would make up for the tax losses from them spending their money earned here in Fresno and Clovis.”
  • A “city worker,” and regular caller said, “I think it’s time for us to move on and drop our union. We need to go with the Teamsters, and that’s with capital letters. It’s time to get the big boys in there to represent us.”
  • A lady called in response to the woman last week who was very dissatisfied with “the new restaurant on Olive Avenue.” This week’s caller said she was from the restaurant. “My response to her is that we would like to offer her and her two friends a free meal because we apologize and were very busy during our opening week. Our number is 395-4512. Thank you.”
  • A woman “invited readers and parents of Millview School to attend the school board meeting next Tuesday, June 26 (today) at 6 p.m. It is very important for parents of Millview school to attend.”
  • A regular caller left her name and asked “people of Madera, please, please, send whatever you can to help the Madera County Animal Services. So many cats need help. Please adopt one of the 120 cats that were rescued after their caregiver passed away. You can make contributions to Friends of Madera Animal Shelter at P.O. Box 923, 93638.”
  • “Hats off to the people restoring the flag barn on Highway 41,” began a woman. “They did a beautiful job and what a refreshing sight to see.”
  • Another man voiced a similar thought. “Thanks to all the veterans or whoever helped with the restoration of the barn on Highway 41.”
  • A woman asked that “somebody please remove the tennis shoes off the power lines at Mainberry and Sunset? I’m not sure if PG&E or the city can do it, but the shoes need to go.”
  • A woman called “regarding the opinion page of Friday, June 22. I want to thank you so much for Michael Reagan’s point of view on the Obama care and how he’s trying to do the Latino vote. I hope people will understand and not re-vote this man in.”

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