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webmaster | 02/14/12

This letter is regarding the issue involving the Obama administration’s ruling that would have mandated that faith-based companies provide health care to their employees, completely contradicting their beliefs and teachings. Some of those procedures are sterilization, abortion-inducing drugs and contraception. A letter was read at St. Joachim Catholic Church in Madera from our new bishop telling us about this new decision.

What I don’t understand, is why Catholics are so upset about this. I didn’t vote for Obama to be our president, but according to Fox News more than 70 percent of Catholics voted for Obama in the 2008 election. Apparently all of the Catholics that voted for him believed in hope and change. Now that you have it, you are complaining. Why?

Obama is a socialist and wants us to become like most of Europe. Look at where they are now. If you voters didn’t see the writing on the wall in 2008, shame on you. I won’t get into Obama’s fiscal or international policies, the loss of jobs and housing problems, the continual growth of government, and the business-stifling regulations that he and his czars are forcing us to live with. I can only hope that in this upcoming election, you all have better sense and vote for someone other than the guy we have in office now.

I respect the office of the president, but not the man who presently occupies the seat. I wasn’t a big George Bush or Bill Clinton fan, but I do believe that they believed in America and what it stands for.

All the Catholics and others that voted Obama into office and are now complaining about this part of Obama Care, stop it. You got what you voted for, hope and change. Live with what you gave to the rest of us and stop whining.

Jim Cavallero,

You’re in top 1%

If you live in Madera County,
you are part of the nation’s top 1 percent.

Many people derive safety and security
From being a part of a vast majority.

There are those
Who feel exposed
When they are told they are a part of 1 percent.

There are those who compose the bottom 99 percent
And the others who run for president.
If you are a resident of beautiful Madera County,
I submit you are a member of the nation’s top 1 percent.

Other counties should not resent us
Because the “Top 1 Percent of the Nation”
Is a label that represents us.

We have Yosemite,
And that is something they haven’t got.
That’s one of the reasons why we are who we are
And those who live elsewhere are not.

Maderans! Hold your head up high
As you look your fellow Americans in the eye
And declare the message they may resent.

It’s how you feel about yourself
That determines your value and your percent.
And let’s all agree
That I’ll vote for each of you
And each of you will vote for me
When each of us runs for president.

Brian Donald O’Donovan,


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