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How much more could we ban?

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webmaster | 12/28/12

The Connecticut shootings are tragic, and no doubt will be politicized by President Obama and those opposed to gun ownership.

Guns are not the problem. What is in the heart of man is the problem. Sin and evil abounds in the heart of man and only God and His Word can change the heart.

Yet, we are turning into a nation that is trying to eliminate God and His ways from the public forum and some wonder why these tragic events are happening more and more.

There is no fixing or reversing where we are. There is only one problem in the world, the denial of Jesus Christ, not only as Savior, but as Lord. The closer to the return of Jesus Christ, the worse things will get. God’s judgment is on the move. Are we preparing ourselves to go through it and stand strong in faith until the return of Jesus Christ?

If this new tragedy is going to cause our government to attempt to ban gun ownership, how about also going after violent video games, music, and movies that can be responsible for conditioning a violent mind set. Let’s also go after pornography.

Where does the right to indulge in any entertainment unhealthy for the mind cross the line?

What about banning food that is destroying human health? Should foods high in sugar and fats be banned? Should we ban eating processed foods? Health care costs are unsustainable.

Where does the right to eat whatever and however much one wants cross the line? God granted us free will. Are we using it for God’s glory, our good, and the good of others, or for pleasing the lower nature? Where is responsibility and self-discipline? We have laws galore, but are things getting better? It’s the heart of man that needs changing.

What is needed is for people to get into the Bible and really see their sin nature and to let the Gospel of Jesus Christ change them. The good news is Christ’s victory over Satan, slavery to sin, and eternal death. Battles will be lost, but our hope is that the war is already won.

I support gun ownership with the exception of assault weapons, which should only be legal for police and military use. We still have a God-given right to protect life and property.

Katherine Atilano


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