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Hot under collar over cooling centers

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webmaster | 07/02/13

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  • A woman “wanted to know who is paying the salaries of the Sheriff’s officers stationed 24 hours a day at Chukchansi Casino.”
  • A man called “about all these bandwagon NBA Champion) Miami Heat basketball fans. They remind me of the 1980 bandwagon San Francisco 49er fans. Before 1980 there was very little 49er fans. Miami Heat and 49er fans have a lot in common where they are both bandwagon fans.”
  • “Oh my God,” began a hard to understand woman. “What is the Board of Supervisors thinking? A verbal altercation with the grand jury where supervisor (Tom) Wheeler had to step in.”
  • A woman called about “the Thursday, June 27, story and (reporter) Mark Smith’s contribution in striking down the defense of marriage act. There was no one reporting the opposite opinion. I do not understand why he gave gays and lesbians the terminology of bonding. Marriage came between a man and a woman in the book of Genesis. Again, I don’t understand why our side was not being reported. I’m disappointed that we did not hear from anybody on the actual meaning of marriage. Again, gays and lesbians are making this such an issue. It is all about their will and not what is actually right about society.”
  • A man “opened the paper today and saw Elizabeth Runion appointed chief academic officer for Madera Unified School District. You’ve got to be kidding. One, she lives in Fresno. How many times do we have to tell the people we want our administrators living in Madera? She is current principal at Chavez Elementary, which is under program improvement (PI) status for the last five years she has been principal. And she is supposed to run all the schools when she can’t even run her own school? Who’s running the district? This is ridiculous.”
  • “I was reading “Mo’s Meanderings” Saturday,” began a man. “His travel stories and photos are always a good read, but I thought the pictures could have been placed better. On the front page (actually, B1) you had a picture of children in a dirt street. The photo on the second page said ‘a similar street’ in the town today. I’m pretty sure Emo meant the two to be compared and on the same page. The same goes for the other two pictures of the barracks from then and now on separate pages. He would have been better off putting them on the same page.”
  • A man said, “I would like to comment on today’s letter to the editor by trustee (Lynn) Cogdill. He has a good point, bullying should not be tolerated. But I suggest he look into the bullying going on by the Madera South High varsity softball head coach. She has been bullying the girls for a few years. From what I’ve heard, the parents have had enough of this. Please look into this.”
  • Another man on the same letter said, “I think Lynn Cogdill should stay out of the press. If he spent as much time caring for the kids as he does writing letters to get his name out there the school district would be better off. From what I’ve seen of the school board’s constant bickering and backstabbing it appears, as always, that (trustees) (Robert) Garibay and (Ray) Seibert are the only ones that care about our kids. I wish B.J. Robinson was still on the board.”
  • A woman “noticed the cooling centers listed in the paper (Saturday) and couldn’t believe what I was reading. I go to one of the senior centers listed and that is their usual hours. They said they would be open from 8 to 2 or 2:30 (p.m.) which is what they are anyway. So let me get this right, during the hottest part of the day you are going to close the cooling centers and toss everyone out by 2:30.”
  • A lady called to say “it is 8:20 Saturday morning and we still don’t have our paper. This is the second Saturday we haven’t gotten our paper. I’ve called this number before and left a message. I called the office and there’s no one there. I called the circulation number and there is no one that answers those phone numbers. What kind of business are you running? Not only am I not getting my paper you don’t have an office open. It is ridiculous.” The same person called again “at almost 9 o’clock and we still don’t have a paper and your office is closed.” She called again at “3:30 and we still don’t have our Saturday paper. I started calling the office at 8 (a.m.) and kept calling when they were supposed to be there and of course there was no answer.” (See message from editor about our telephone and Internet outage, Page 1).
  • Another man said, “I have been reading (Bill) Coate, (Leon) Emo and (Tami Jo) Nix for years and always look forward to Nix’s column on Saturday and Emo’s desert and travel stories and pictures the last Saturday of each month. Now, for the second Saturday I didn’t receive my paper and had to go to town and get one out of a rack. I hope you solve this problem pretty soon.”
  • “It has been quite a week,” began a man. “After the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, the United States Supreme Court, the United States Senate and California Senate and the thought police we need to change the name of the country from the United States of America to United States of Sodom and Gomorrah.”

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