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Hot pink thong show at grocery store

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webmaster | 11/26/13

All comments are edited for length and content. Because of content and space limitations some comments may not be published. More than one comment from the same person in the same week will normally not be published. Please keep your calls to two minutes or less.

  • A person replied “to the lady who complained about a person at the food giveaway on Ellis (Street). I think she should be grateful that there are people who donate their time to give us free food.”
  • But another lady, said “thank you to that lady who complained about the Ellis… food giveaway. It’s true, that young girl does need a course in manners. I just hope the minister takes our advice.”
  • A woman called “about a WIC employee at a grocery story that needs to dress more appropriately. I saw this WIC employee putting up posters and all I saw was a hot pink thong showing out of her back end. I found out this person is supposed to be a WIC employee putting up the posters. Needless to say the manager of the store enjoyed himself.”
  • A lady “wanted information on how to get a copy of last Friday’s paper.” She left her name and phone number and the front office called her.
  • “It was a great editorial in this morning’s newspaper,” said a gentleman. “Just terrific. I’ve been chuckling about it all day. I wish I could write like that.”
  • A woman wanted to know “where The Madera Tribune was located. I guess you moved from the original place.” (The Tribune offices are located at 2890 Falcon Drive near the airport.)
  • A lady had “a concern about a family member who has a severe drug problem. How do we get this person into some sort of drug rehab? Who do we call? Where do we go, without the person voluntarily turning themselves in before they kill themselves? I’ve looked everywhere and asked and no one seems to know who there is that can help?” (Editor’s note: Call 311 [the county’s help number] and ask to speak to someone in the Behavioral Health Department about your family member’s problem. That agency does a lot of work helping people with addictions. Or, you could call directly to Alcohol and Drug Treatment Services for Madera County, 673-3508.)
  • A man said, “I learned today, Wednesday, Nov. 20, that yet another deputy DA has resigned. It wouldn’t be too significant in itself, but the same thing happened last week. Two experienced and productive attorneys leave for employment in another county. Go figure.”
  • A similar voice said, “In reading the ‘Musings’ of Mr. Emo in last Wednesday’s paper I found that once again he misspells the last name of one of his longtime, close, personal friends. We know who she is because he refers to her as Pat. Try to remember it is spelled with an ‘I’ not an ‘e’.”
  • “Recently a life was taken on Tozer Street,” began a woman. “I think it is very sad for all the people involved. I’m asking: Whose brilliant idea was it to build the homeless shelter (Rescue Mission) near a school and dead center in a residential area? I do believe the police station should have been built very close to the homeless shelter. Also, it is time to clean up this side of town. Are there any takers out there?”

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