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Horrified at gas tax increase

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webmaster | 03/12/13

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  • A lady said, “We placed an ad in the Tribune in the lost and found section for our dog. After we searched for two grueling days we received a call from Animal Control. She (the dog) was found a mile away, dirty and scared. We would like to thank all those who called with concerns. Thank you Madera and thank you Madera Tribune.”
  • A woman wanted to know “why, since March 1, you haven’t been putting anything in the paper about the gospel bands Friday night at 6 o’clock on (Avenue) 18 1/2. It’s the First Assembly of God church. I would like to see it show up again sometime.”
  • A “concerned Californian” and regular caller “found out they were going to raise gas tax another 3 percent. I’m just horrified at the state being able to do this. I thought it was no taxes without representation. I think this is a direct violation of the Constitution and we should stand up against this act.”
  • “Short and sweet,” began a man. “To the people that worked on 4th Street, it’s great, good job folks.”
  • A woman called “in regards to an article in the Saturday paper about farmers and I would like to get some back issues.” She left her phone number. (Note: If people would like back issues or extra copies of the paper call 674-2424 or stop by the Tribune office at 2890 Falcon Drive.)
  • “Where is the rage?” asked a woman. “Madera taxpayer’s money going to babysit the Chukchansi Indians. A very bad decision on Sheriff John Anderson’s part. Where is the board of supervisors? They better rein in the sheriff.”
  • A woman said she comes “from a very devout Catholic family and have relatives throughout the state. We are appalled that Cardinal Mahoney is already in Rome to represent California to elect the pope. He is a monster and shouldn’t be allowed to do that. He should be in jail. The church should do something.”
  • A “parent” called “in response to the so-called stacked team at the basketball league at theYouth Center. My son’s coach is great. We practice twice a week and he works with all the kids on an individual basis to develop skill levels. They are players who never played before. Quit blaming, and parents, get off the bench and start helping your coaches and work with your kids at home.”
  • Another comment was made on the same subject by a man. “You are exactly right about the stacked (basketball) team at the Youth Center. It’s because the (Parks Department) head coordinator won’t step up and do something about it.”
  • A lady called “about the posters up and down our street, on telephone poles. They are election posters for Chuck Genseal. They’ve been there since the last election.”
  • A man said “I read the paper today about Avenue 12 and they’re reconstructing things because of PG&E. I don’t know what town you live in? They are redoing the overcrossing on 99 and making major improvements, spending millions. Maybe you guys ought to get out and about once in a while.”
  • A woman called “on the sports section and the two high schools. There seems to be partiality toward Madera South baseball. I’m continually looking at front page pictures and headlines about Madera South’s losses. What happened to the Coyote baseball team? They are only undefeated until yesterday and winning a double header with a freshman starting and pitching six innings. But, nothing to report on Coyote baseball. Shame for the partiality of sports writer Tyler Takeda. We are one city and should be fair to all high schools.”
  • A woman “citizen of Madera wanted to commend and thank the city of Madera, probably the Parks Department, for trimming the trees on Mainberry, between Howard and Sunset. It looks beautiful.Well done Madera.”
  • A man was “appalled by the behavior of (School) board member (Richard) Arredondo. If he, and whoever else behind this fiasco had an ounce of integrity they would remove themselves. I heard a rumor that Arredondo was thinking of running for (county) supervisor to replace Max Rodriguez. Now that would be a terrible thing. Rodriguez has been exemplary. That would be terrible for Madera.”
  • A woman wanted “to thank (school board trustee) Lynn Cogdill for costing Madera Unified so much money to investigate his outrageous allegations and for causing the added expense of recreating the search for a new superintendent. I also want to thank him for chasing off any decent candidate. I can’t think of any decent person who would want to be employed by the MUSD board. Mr. Cogdill is an embarrassment to the school district, the City of Madera and the citizens who voted for him.”
  • Another caller left a similar message and ended with “I am sorry, so sorry that I voted for Cogdill. My apologies to the school district for having helped get him elected.”
  • A lady commented to “Mr. Doud, on your editorial this week on downtown Madera. You’ve got to be kidding.”
  • Another woman said on the same editorial, “the last I checked this was the United States. Every (downtown) sign is in Spanish and every building is a different color. If you’ve ever been to Tijuana that is pretty much what our downtown looks like. If businesses are going to thrive downtown it’s completely on welfare. You can see that by the community that walks around downtown.”
  • A man “wanted to compliment (editor) Chuck Doud on his editorial in the Friday, March 8, paper. There was only one problem with it. When his article starts off about driving on west Cleveland, passing Madera County Fairgrounds, Madera County Fairgrounds is in Chowchilla. Madera District Fairgrounds is in Madera. That is a state ran facility. The one in Chowchilla is a county run facility.”
  • A man was “amazed how you can go through a story on the Madera South (softball) and McLane game and the wrong girl is given credit for everything. It’s sad that it’s false information and the girls that really made things happen should be the ones getting credit.Who writes this stuff? Where do they get their information from? It’s sad.”
  • A woman said, “I’m ashamed to admit I missed the nice write up in the Tribune about the robotics competition at Madera South, March 2-3. Oh yes, there wasn’t any was there. Actually, I couldn’t believe not one word in the Tribune or the Bee or any television coverage except Channel 21. The students from all over California were very talented and their families must have contributed to the local economy. I can’t help but ask, why?” (Webmaster's note: In my past experience, the local robotics team and advisor don't make an effort to directly inform local media of its planned activities. The newspaper generally learns of them secondhand if at all, which is unfortunate.)
  • “A quick question,” began a man, “I would like to know what the federal government does with all our tax money. It’s always a problem. It gives away millions and millions. And even the state of California now is raising our gas tax. Take some of their damn money away. Cut their paychecks. They (Congress) even have credit cards and we pay for them. We really need to start thinking about these things. It’s getting bad folks.”

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