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Homeland security isn’t so secure

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webmaster | 06/13/14

This week our valley families lost their support from Washington with the release of the Taliban-5. I have found current estimates for our Persian-based wars is 7,000 dead, 40,000 wounded warriors, $2 trillion lost — was it all worth it?

Now we know that there are plans for more than the Taliban-5 to be released with ransom funds too. These Taliban generals may prepare their new lives with opportunities to develop their “Milk and Honey Farms” or will it be to develop their private “Yoga and Weapon Clubs” funded by weapons from Bengazi?

I am proud to say that our Valley raises strong men and women. I have seen them go as their teacher and then have cried as their friend. Our Valley members teach values that make great and strong warriors on land and sea. But I grieve for the homes who will now have family members put in harm’s way due to the release.

These warriors may be in the armed services, border guardians, religious outreach programs or working in our embassies. This bad decision now has placed our warriors in jeopardy. Where was Washington’s support?

Now is the time to write letters to the editors of newspapers and our representatives about this outrage of releasing leaders just as Iraq is falling. Question these leaders by asking, “Whose families in our Valley will be severely disrupted from this decision? Whose homes will lose more children or family members, because of more of these GITMO releases?”

The only way we can support our Valley families now is if we raise our voices or lift our pens and write to our elected officials. Apparently, our leaders do not understand the cost to our communities or we would have heard their voices in outrage of releasing Taliban leaders. They have been silent, but we must not be.

Dave and Nancy Mattrocce,



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