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High school football fans comment

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webmaster | 09/04/12

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  • A woman “wanted to know if the Madera Tribune was going to put in the schedules for high school football games because people like to go to them and don’t know when they are.” (Editor’s note: Schedules for the high school football teams appeared in the Thursday, Aug. 30 edition)
  • A caller “left a message on the Red Line. I didn’t know who to contact about it. Over on 4th Street by J Street there is a tree that is way overgrown and could break any minute. Is there any way someone could do something about it? I had a friend who had a branch come down and really mess up her vehicle. I don’t want to see that happen or have someone hurt.”
  • A woman had “just seen the ‘2016 — Obama’s America’ movie and it’s a wonderful movie. I hope all the Democrats, and I’m a Democrat too, will go see it. It’s well done. All Americans should see it and I hope it airs on TV.”
  • A caller “wanted to warn people about a man that’s going around taking a down payment to trim trees. He’s been around town a long time. He took a $150 down payment from my 93-year-old neighbor and it’s been a year and the tree trimmer never has come back. The old guy’s money is gone now. I don’t know why this isn’t elder abuse. Maybe the district attorney needs to know about this.”
  • A woman who “returned from vacation” was very disappointed “I didn’t get my newspapers and would appreciate it if you started it again. I paid for an entire year.”
  • A man “wanted to comment on the man who said Hispanics couldn’t go to work out in the fields because they were working mowing lawns or in stores. I’m wondering, what is wrong with that? It seems to me that the Latin people are making progress.”
  • An “employee of Madera South High School” called “about the story about Madera High School’s rotating schedule. We (South) did not vote to have a rotating schedule. We were on the same schedule and about two weeks before the start of school Madera High changed to a rotating schedule which caused a lot of problems with students having to go back and forth between campuses. This is totally on the Madera High School administration.”
  • Several callers were happy about the approval of the casino. “I am thrilled,” said a lady “about the casino coming to Madera. I am so glad the governor signed the bill. This is the best thing that has happened to Madera. We’re going to have jobs. We’re going to have revenue. The county and city will be afloat. And for those who are against it, including Supervisor David Rogers, who is the supervisor in that area and against it, you know what? Tough. I can’t wait for it to go in. More people will have jobs and I cannot be happier. “
  • Another caller said, “despite the few that are against it, they will see in the long run this is going to be great for the city and county and the people. After the casino is built you will see nearby shopping, restaurants and businesses move in to add to the tax revenue that we need so badly.”
  • A man said, “I think it will be a great addition to Madera. We will get a lot of out of town people, concerts, and things. With the Native Americans we may not get the tax dollars from the casino, but they have signed agreements that will help to greatly improve the city and county.”
  • An online contributor responded to a column about the need for a mental-health hospital in Madera: “I used to work for Madera County (department of behavioral health) when it was Kingsview. I believe there are inaccuracies in this, and it is more about promoting Lynn Cogdill. I would recommend getting an interview with Janice Melton to correct the errors in this report about the services Madera County provides to the mentally ill of the county.”
  • A fan said, “Once again the (Madera High) Coyotes are passed over by the Tribune. Look at the front page of Saturday’s paper. There is (Madera) South and Liberty (High), but where are the Coyotes? It’s a shame when our boys played such a great game and won 60-0.”
  • A lady said, “I know the Tribune cannot cover all the high school football games, but I would hope they spread it out over the season, so that every school gets highlighted once or twice.”

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