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Here come the blackbirds again

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webmaster | 12/10/13

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  • A caller offered this comment about the plethora of birds downtown: “Is anyone in this town ever going to do anything about all the blackbirds that’re all over Main Street (probably Yosemite Avenue and E Street vicinity). Please let us know. We need to get rid of that mess.”
  • A pet owner is an animal shelter fan: “I got a couple of animals at the Madera County Animal Shelter, and I wanted to comment on your article on Tuesday, Dec. 3, about the shelter. What people need to understand is they can’t get a pet any better, any cheaper, or any better prepared than at the shelter. If they go to some private place, they don’t know any more about animals than they do at the shelter. The shelter makes sure they’ve got all their vaccinations, all their chips, everything. It’s a really, really good deal for the price. Anybody who’s looking for a pet for themselves or for their kids for Christmas should really consider at least going out and looking at the pets that are available at the animal shelter. Again, that article was very good, and you were good to put it on the front page. People need to know about it.”
  • One caller believes in weather justice: “We just hope that considering all the damage that has happened to the citrus crop from the freezing temperatures, we can only hope that all the marijuana gardens around here all go down as well. Maybe this cold will take care of the marijuana also.”
  • Derek Robinson’s new job gets a mention: “I haven’t seen it in the paper yet, but the public ought to know that Derek Robinson is the new mayor pro tempore. He replaces Donald Holley, whose one-year term was up last week. This is a good choice. Derek has worked hard since his election last year to get to know the job of city councilman. Being mayor pro tempore will mean he conducts city council meetings in the absence of Mayor Rob Poythress. Here’s something else about the choice of Derek — he is the second African-American in a row to hold the job. That says a lot about Madera that is pretty good, at least when it comes to race relations. Just thought I’d mention that.”

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