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He likes high-speed rail, but ...

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webmaster | 05/01/13

Let me first say, I am for high-speed rail; I like trains.

But the high-speed rail that is now being proposed is not what the voters of California voted for.

Actually, I didn’t vote “yes” for the train because I knew, just like many others did, that the proposition was a lie; that the real cost would be two or three times what they were saying it would cost. This has come to be true.

The only reason, let me state it again to be clear, the only reason this board’s members could be for HSR is the jobs that might come, IF, the maintenance yard were to be located in Madera County.

You have to know that supervisors in five or six other Valley counties are being offered the same jobs carrot that you are; promises that only one county can be rewarded with.

From the very beginning the numbers have be nothing but exaggerations. We, the taxpayers of the county, will be paying forever if this system is built.

The state has no money, the federal government has no money, private money is not interested — we will pay forever.

Some numbers:

  • The build-out cost — $70 to $110 billion.
  • Population of California — 38.1 million as of July 1, 2012.
  • Doing the Math — $1,840 to $2,892 cost per every person in California.

Yearly operating deficits are projected to be as much as $2 billion, but using only 1/4 of that number, $500 million, and dividing by Madera County’s population of 153,000, shows that Madera’s portion of the annual deficit is $131 per person; that adds up to $20,000,000 for the County of Madera. Taxes will have to be raised to fund and run this train. Please do the math. Where will this money come from? The risk here is staggering. This is a gamble that even high-rollers would back away from if it was their own money.

Ninety to 95 percent of the people of Madera will never ride this train, but will pay for this system forever.

Vote for the people of Madera County, not for the special interests that are feeding you lies and promises they cannot keep.

If you are a God-fearing person, please ask Him for guidance towards the truth in this and all matters. He is going to hold us all accountable. And if you want to do this without His approval, think what you are telling Him.

Please have your staff do a real Benefits/Risk Analysis for the people of Madera County. To do less is foolish.

Jon Barsotti,



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