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He’s ready for world to end

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webmaster | 12/18/12

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  • “Are you ready for 12-21- 2012?” asked a woman. “Well I am. I’ve got my .38, my Jack Daniels, 500 pounds of chili beans, 500 bottles of water and toilet paper and I’m not paying my bills until Dec. 21, 2012, is over with. So see you when the fat lady sings. And all the looters will say hello to my .38. And don’t try to eat my cats or dogs ’cause, I’ll get ya.”
  • A lady whose “friend is in need of in-home supportive services help. I got a list of names of people from the office who are eligible to do it. After 15 calls and 15 excuses I can tell you people in Madera are not willing to work. Free money is easy to come by in Madera.”
  • A man had “just read the article on the police force, one county police force. If it’s not going to save any money why would we spend almost $200,000? The city council and supervisors need to get their head out or their butt. The money could pay for a couple more police officers. Why don’t give them more equipment or training?”
  • A woman called “about the Red Line call about Sam and Joy Pistoresi. I am calling to applaud them. That is a typical liberal point of view that somebody would complain about what was in the column.”
  • A lady called “after reading an Easton-Arcola (High School) kid took a gun to school and seeing what happened in Connecticut it is time everyone got together. Every school is surrounded with a fence, locked in, kids have to go through metal detectors and everybody needs to be accounted for. If you want to come in and see somebody, have I.D. and proof of who you are. Bringing guns into schools here in Madera County, that’s bad.”
  • Another lady said, “I sure miss the downtown Christmas lights and decorations that used to hang across Yosemite (Avenue) for decades. Is it the political correctness crap or the city budget that doesn’t allow the holiday’s downtown?”

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