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Harder to meander on Madera streets

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webmaster | 05/17/13

Borrowing a theme from Leon Emo, I realized Saturday that you can’t meander on Madera streets anymore.

Traffic was light Saturday morning and it was a beautiful morning. I was driving towards George's Auto on Pine Street, the only one on the road. Went to make my turn and there was someone on my bumper. Where did they come from?

Later, turning into Teco, same thing. Someone on my bumper. Leaving Teco and going west on Almond all alone, I was doing 35. I was slooow I know, but I was the only one on the road. Just before Schnoor, someone on my bumper. I passed Schnoor and put my turn signal on to pull over. There was no one there. They disappeared on Schnoor.

Sorry everyone, I was just enjoying the morning.

Bill Hoffrage,


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