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Hall backer takes issue with letter

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webmaster | 05/24/14

I am responding to Warren Cox’s letter of May 20 to set the record straight. I am a 33-year resident of Cascadel. I voted for Marcia Hall because she stands up for what is right no matter what. Auditor Hall has saved our district thousands of dollars and may be able to collect thousands more in misused monies.

I served on the local Cascadel “association” club board for six years in its previous incarnation before Cox and his cronies took over. I know what has happened, and is happening, up here better than most, including Cox.

In his letter, Cox failed to mention that his “association” is not a legal HOA at all, but merely a voluntary club impersonating an HOA. Cox failed to mention that he sits on the board of directors of this club. Cox failed to mention that his board is the target of an ongoing criminal investigation for alleged criminal fraud, theft and embezzlement at the local, state and federal level.

Cox failed to mention that his group was fired as operators of our local county rec district by the Board of Supervisors after Hall blew the whistle on alleged misuse of funds and price gouging. Cox failed to mention that his group was allegedly using district funds for their own non-district purposes and had been for years. Cox failed to mention that just because former auditor DeWall, who left under suspicion of misconduct, paid these inappropriate expenditures in the past does not make it right or lawful.

Cox failed to mention that his group is the subject of $50,000-plus in road department fines, and counting, due to open violations, and his club continues to violate multiple codes. Cox failed to mention that his group has collected well over $290,000 in five years under allegedly false pretenses as an “HOA,” in an alleged bait and switch. Cox failed to mention his group has only just over $40,000 remaining, with little to show but legal fees and overhead. Hall cutting off their alleged misuse of funds is a major reason they are going broke.

Hall blew the whistle on Cox and his self-appointed “HOA” for alleged misuse of district funds. So Cox and his cronies support Miller. No big surprise there.

Hall blew the whistle on the county treasurer, too, at great political and personal expense. The treasurer supports Miller as well, according to Miller’s web site.

Ask yourself why the subjects of Auditor-Controller Hall’s audits and investigations followed by decisive and swift action support Miller? Do the math. Come to your own conclusions.

I voted for Marcia Hall for auditor-controller because she is extremely effective at her job. That also makes her very unpopular with the unfortunates who aren’t doing things right. I am working hard to keep her there because she objectively protects our funds no matter what, no matter the political price, no matter the personal price.

If you want your tax dollars spent properly, and protected with fairness and steeliness, join me. Vote for Marcia Hall June 3.

Mark Stamas,
Cascadel resident, North Fork


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