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Good for Chowchilla and its new law

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webmaster | 08/28/12

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  • A lady said “in yesterday’s Tribune, that would be Saturday, I read the City Council is contemplating appointing the candidates for council and mayor because they had no challengers. I feel they are taking our voting privileges away from us. We should be able to vote for or against these people, especially, in the new precincts.” (Editor’s note: The City Council did vote to appoint those who had filed for office within the time allotted because nobody had filed against them. The law allows this, and the practice is quite common. The problem isn’t with the council, but with the lack of political interest on the part of those who were eligible to file but didn’t.)
  • “My granddaughter is a softball player at Madera High,” began a gentleman. “In what used to be seventh period sports, now I understand her high school is on some kind of rotating block schedule where first period is not always first, but sometimes second period. The sports programs used to start practice during the last period of the school day. Not any longer because of the rotating schedule. How are we going to compete now? We’re hurting kids’ scholarship chances. I heard Madera High voted down the rotating schedule, but had to go to it because of the vote by Madera South. The irony is Madera South is not doing the rotating schedule. If this is an example of Madera Unified’s new superintendent he should pack his bags back to Oregon. Or maybe the principal should.”
  • A woman said, “I do, at least, every day glance at the TV Guide thing to see if anything descent is on. It hasn’t been in the paper recently. I just wondered why the daily TV guide is not in the paper. I don’t want to keep the weekend guide all week. I really enjoy it in the daily paper.”
  • A woman called “about Howard School and the area designed to pick up children who don’t ride the bus. After school there is quite a traffic problem. With all the cars it looks like an accident waiting to happen. I tried to talk to Mr. Beveridge that the method picking up children was not working. He said it would even out during the year and get better. He then abruptly turned his back on me and walked away.”
  • A hard to understand message was left by a woman who was “inquiring about an issue that took place in 2008-9, possibly 10 about the grand jury investigation of the Veterans Affairs Office, their officer and assistant who was fired for misappropriation of funds. Why was this not looked into further and investigated? Why was it dropped? It should be looked into for the elders, because there is so much elder abuse and this information was never followed through.”
  • “I was going down 4th Street past the church close to G Street,” began a lady. “There is a huge crack in the road and I just want to warn people to be careful.”
  • A man said, “watch out on 4th Street. You could lose your vehicle in the trench while they are doing the repairs to the street. Someone is going to get drunk at one of the local bars and end up in that ditch late at night.”
  • A caller responded “to farmers who say there isn’t enough farm hands to pick the crops. Well, they start mowing lawns and start working at local grocery stores, especially those managed by Latinos. So there you go.”
  • A man called “to applaud the City of Chowchilla for adopting the ordinance outlawing smoking of marijuana in public.” The caller stated the ordinance includes the “detection of smoking or consumption from any residence. I’m glad someone is doing something about it. Again, I applaud you, Chowchilla. I only hope Madera will follow in Chowchilla’s footsteps.”
  • A hard to understand “retired senior” said, “here we are, and we’re paying $927 license on a 7- year-old pickup. Also, property taxes are so high we can’t even afford a fishing license.”
  • A woman “wished the Madera Police Department would have some traffic control out on Sunset Avenue. It’s becoming a mini-speedway. There are schools and churches and a lot of activity on that street.”
  • A woman asked, “when is the governor finally going to get around and sign the approval for the new casino? It is way overdue. When you look at all the money the foothill casinos give to the communities we can sure use a lot more in these economic times.”
  • A woman asked “why don’t the city and county put solar panels on their street lights? I think that would be a great idea. About four years ago I spoke with the head honcho there at county planning and I ask him about all that and why don’t they inquire about that and sensor controlled water faucets in hotel rooms. His answer was that nobody ever asked about, or mentioned it. I thought it was a very small minded answer, especially about conserving water.”
  • The Red Line tried to decipher a very hard to understand message, but all it could understand was the end when the caller said “it is creepy.”
  • A man “had a complaint about people parking in front of the fire hydrant across from my house. I’ve called the police department twice and they tell me they can’t write a ticket because the curb’s not painted red. I looked it up in the vehicle code book and it doesn’t say anything about the curb having to be painted red. It reads ‘you shall not park within 15-feet of a fire hydrant’ and the police department is not enforcing this.”

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