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Fleming doesn’t need to be fired

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webmaster | 05/21/13

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  • “Thank you (supervisor) Max Rodriguez for everything you said today in public comment,” said a woman. “It is 100 percent correct. Eric Fleming does not need to be released from his duties, but maybe a couple of the department’s elected officials need to be released immediately. There has always been a campaign to get rid of Eric Fleming. Why don’t you investigate offices that need to be investigated? There are two people there that think they run the government center and they don’t. Thank you, Max, and you will be reelected no matter what.”
  • A lady said, “Monday, May 13, the eighth grade girls softball team played against Rio Vista at Central East High School. They won 4-3. Although they had family support not one TJ (Thomas Jefferson) administrator was present. Way to go, TJ staff. But then, why show support when the principal’s daughter plays for the seventh grade softball team?”
  • “What ever happened to the Blue Man?” asked a caller. “I remember keeping up with the stories and his trips to New York with your reporter to be on the Today Show. Can we get some follow up? Is he still in Madera?”
  • “I know it has been like that for years,” said a man. “But the city Parks and Recreation Department needs to pay their basketball referees more. They put up with nothing but whiny players in the adult basketball leagues. It is just adult basketball babies out there. They need to get paid more and the city can afford it.”
  • Another caller on the same subject said, “I played in the regular winter basketball league and could not believe we played every game in that cramped gym at Millview. For the cost of the entry fee we should have at least played a few games at a real gym on an official sized court. In past years the basketball guy in charge had us playing at MLK and then Desmond and the gyms were great. My team will play in Fresno before playing again at Millview.”
  • “Enough is enough,” began a lady. Trustee Lynn Cogdill has cost this city, county enough money through what Madera Unified (School District) has had to pay out when he thinks these allegations are for sure, and pay to have them investigated, and, of course, they aren’t true. But he didn’t turn over his phone records. We have to get Cogdill out of there. He has cost the district too much money.”
  • A gentleman had a similar comment. “I’m sure if the voters knew then what they know now about (school trustee) Lynn Cogdill, they wouldn’t have voted for him. I’m sure not going to. He is an embarrassment to the school board, the city of Madera and anyone, including me, that voted for him.”
  • A man called about “when I drive around Madera and see all the dead lawns and many not being mowed, most are rental houses, but it is really disgraceful for Madera. It makes Madera look trashy. But it’s not. It’s a beautiful little town. More people that own and rent out houses need to take the pride and say it comes with a gardener. Thank you.” 

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