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First disarm, then change America?

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webmaster | 01/04/13

I don’t know how many of you read the letter to the editor in the Madera Tribune on Tuesday, Dec. 18, written by John C. Fuchs, Jr., from Ahwahnee. For those of you who haven’t read it, I would humbly advise reading it. That wasn’t just a routine letter, it was a letter that had depth. It shows just one instance of inequity, unfairness and injustice in our laws. It makes you stop and think!

I have mentioned many times that one of the major planks of socialism, which is the precursor to communism, is rampant crime. Protect the criminals and to hell with the victims. One of the major obstacles in punishing criminals is the ACLU. The ACLU was founded by a communist and the major news media are right in there with them. Just think about that for a moment.

No one denies that the terrible incident that took place in that Connecticut school was savage and tragic, but for Obama, his administration and the sorry major news media to immediately politicize that tragedy by starting an anti-gun movement is borderline criminal.

Referring to semiautomatic rifles as assault weapons was nothing more than just plain lying to the people as usual. A semiautomatic rifle is one where you have to pull the trigger each time to fire a cartridge, just like a semiautomatic shotgun or a semiautomatic handgun. An assault rifle is a fully automatic rifle. One where you pull the trigger back and it will continue to fire until all cartridges are spent or you let go of the trigger.

Assault weapons are the same ones that Obama and his administration sold to the drug cartels in Mexico and when that news leaked out he blamed Bush and almost immediately invoked executive privilege to prevent his attorney general from releasing the documents that would incriminate him. And where were the major media? Is that hypocritical or what?

Keep in mind that before the socialists can take this great country over, they not only have to take away our freedoms one by one, they also have to disarm us all as they have done in other socialist countries. Also keep in mind that in all the states that have open-carry gun laws, the crime rate dropped by 20 percent to 50 percent, and the states that have the strictest gun-control laws, such as Connecticut, have some of the highest rampant crime rates. Think about that for a little while.

We all need to start paying a little more attention to what this subversive movement is doing to us and our great country incrementally. Being complacent will only allow the enemy to slowly gain momentum. Also keep in mind that complacency is an illness that has no medical cure.

Sam Pistoresi,


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