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Feeling scorn over story’s subject

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webmaster | 06/21/13

In response to several things about the AP story on illegal immigrants and poverty and on Bill Hoffrage’s rambling letter about that story:

The story’s author, Gosia Wozniacka, apparently knows nothing about agriculture. I doubt highly if this person has ever worked at anything besides yellow journalism.

First of all we are not the “Bread Basket” of America. Once the “Fruit Basket” and now more like the “Nut Basket” with all the almond trees. Or how about the “Bottled Vino” valley of America.

I have no pity for this woman featured. She might be a lovely person, for all I know. However, Wozniacka has just added this woman to feed the scorn felt by thousands of anti-immigration factions and those who have come here the right way.

First she went to our public schools, and since then could have applied for a visa or started down the road on applications for residency. She made the choice to drop out of school and get pregnant. She can still get a free adult education to get her diploma. Her “husband” ran off soon after, yeah ... so she had six more children ... at taxpayer expense ... let us take a look at that:

She gets a housing allotment from welfare for her seven American born anchor, (who are the dads and where is their child support?), children. She gets food stamps, medical, dental, eye care and if they are deemed special needs, S.S.I. Her children get free breakfast, free lunch, free after-school snack and tutoring, free back-to-school shopping sprees, free backpacks of school supplies, free computers for school, free bikes, free car seats, free Christmas presents and food bank groceries. (WEBMASTER'S NOTE: The only governmental assistance the woman and her family reportedly received was food stamps for her children.)

If she can’t afford to go to the doctor there are many free clinics and Catholic charities as well as other church outreach programs to help her.

If she can’t speak English then we even provide a translator just to help her. Yet, she could afford body ink.

After the first two children you would have thought, as common sense dictates, how and what caused babies. Milking the system is not new. Furthermore the apple must not have fallen far from the tree in her case.

Amnesty is a misused word in these cases.Yes, our country needs some type of reform, I agree, but not that which is offering the term amnesty. Amnesty is not intended for criminals who break the laws of our country and burden it with misuse of our social services designed for poor Americans. In my opinion, on the whole birthright discussion; Children born here to illegals should have their parent’s country listed as their home country regardless where they come from.

So I have no pity for this woman, other than her ignorance.

Diana Ward,


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