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Fans, support high school football

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webmaster | 09/18/12

All comments are edited for length and content. Because of content and space limitations some comments may not be published. More than one comment from the same person in the same week will normally not be published. If your message contains profanity it will not be used. Please keep your calls to two minutes or less.

  • A woman wanted “to remind everyone that the (Madera High) Coyotes are playing at home Friday night. Please come out and support them. They are playing exciting football. It would be so nice to see the stands full like they used to be.” (Note: The caller was talking about last Friday’s game)
  • A lady called “concerning the birth announcements. I noticed in July you had the February, March birth announcements. In August you repeated the same ones. You’re about six months behind in birth announcements and it shows a little slack on this. It is very important to all of us that have a new baby in our family.”
  • A caller wanted to know about the Madera Fair awards “on the front page, you put Liberty High, third place. Why didn’t you put the first-place winner? This is ridiculous.”
  • A woman said, “I did not get my newspaper on Sunday and wanted to see what was going on.” (Note: The Tribune does not have a Sunday edition)
  • A man said, “I read that Leon Emo has retired from the Parks Department. I have been involved in the Relay For Life for many years and Leon always was there, smiling, laughing, getting things done. I hope the Parks Department considers bringing him back, if only part time, to help with the Relay.”
  • A familiar and regular voice on the Red Line said, “I think California’s oil should stay in California and oil companies should not have a say about sending California oil to other countries.”
  • A man reported that “reading the Sept. 12 Tribune, I noticed an article regarding a Superior Court case about a store robbery. This was front page. I also noticed that this article, and all the other court action, the same individual always provides the information and it is mentioned in the first paragraph. This of course leaves the impression that this person actually tried the case. Remembering our last two DAs personally tried several high profile cases per year I checked the court records to see how many court cases our present DA has personally prosecuted in the past year. Surprise answer: none.”
  • An “educator” commented “about the student that was left in soiled clothes. One of the things we did in the past is we had parents send a shirt, underwear and shorts to school in a large salad size zip lock bag and label it with the child’s name. That way, if there was an accident, they could be sent to the office to change. This would be a proactive approach.”

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