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Environmental elitists strike again

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webmaster | 01/06/12

On the front page of the Madera Tribune, dated Dec. 28, a headline reads, “Locals petition for environment, economic growth.” What an oxymoronic statement!

Government and environmentalists do not promote economic growth. We are being duped into believing that government can save our economy. Free markets are the only thing that will grow and save the economy. Why are we letting our kids listen to wacko environmentalists who teach our children about the terrible industrialists that are destroying America? If you want to teach them about our environment, then teach them with the facts.

On Oct. 17, 1986, President Ronald Reagan signed into law the Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act of 1986 (SARA). This act amended the Comprehensive Environmental Response, the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act of 1986 (EPCRA), commonly known as SARA Title III. Its purpose is to encourage and support emergency planning efforts at the state and local levels and provide public and local governments with information concerning potential chemical hazards present in their communities.

SARA Title III was one of the most strict environmental cleanliness and safety acts in United States history. This was actually needed because factories and government military bases were environmentally out of control since the beginning of the U.S.

President Ronald Reagan knew that SARA was such an extreme environmental act that it would take decades to enforce industries and government controlled areas to become safe and clean. SARA had such strict laws that some of the acts were grandfathered in so they would not become laws until the late 1990s, then each new regulation would start each year thereafter for the next 10 years. Do any of you remember fuel tanks being taken out of the ground and being replaced with double lined tanks? Do you remember asbestos being taken out of every school, government center, and industry to only find out that all asbestos was not bad?

Instead of listening to environmental elitists, read for yourself how laws and regulations, like SARA Title III, cost each American taxpaying citizen and industries to comply. I think you will find the dollar amount in the billions. The Right-to-Know Act was the right thing to do at the time and the laws and fines are still in effect today.

The problem is our government is lobbied by environmental elitists to put more regulations on top of regulations with such restrictions that you cannot do business in America. The environmental regulations are now to the point that you can hardly start up a new business or continue being in business at an affordable percentage of profit.

Between obscene regulations and unions, companies are forced to do business in other countries and in our case, other states. We are a country of laws but when we listen to people who don’t know the facts about environmental laws and regulations, we deserve what we get, which is less jobs and a very bad economy.

Since 1986, The Right-to-Know Act was applied to American industries and government military bases and they have paid their fair share in clean-up. Many paid the price by shutting down facilities that could not meet these environmental regulations. We are the cleanest nation on earth and we already have the regulations to support keeping us that way. We do not need more environmental wackos or elitists trying to make us cleaner.

Next time an environmentalist knocks on your door, do your fair share by asking them to start with China and then go East, West, North and South and from that point it should take them about 100 years to get back to America’s environmental standards. Also remind them that this is America and not a “One World United Nations Agenda 21 Program.”

Rick Farinelli,
Madera Chapter Central Valley Tea Party


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