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Election generates a lot of calls

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webmaster | 04/15/14

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  • “I have a comment for the person who works in the district attorney’s office who thinks that the district attorney is too hard on you people. That person who called the Red Line said people were sitting at their desks crying. Really? The job may be too stressful for you. Maybe you should be working at a store in a mall or in a flower shop. You wanted to be an attorney. Toughen up a bit. This guy is trying to do a job for the county. If someone’s being prosecuted for drunk driving, or for molesting my daughter, I don’t want somebody who’s just been sitting at their desk crying all morning. Come on, people. Grow up.”
  • “This in reference to a letter to the editor from Barbara about our D.A., Mr. (Michael) Keitz. Why hasn’t Mr. Keitz ever tried a case on his own (as district attorney)? If Mr. Keitz is such a great D.A., and has done so many great things for the community, why aren’t law enforcement employees backing him? I just don’t understand that.”
  • “I agree with Mr. Doud in his editorial that 4th Street looks so much better, and is so much easier to go down. And I was one of those who whined incessantly while it was being built. I also want to clarify something about a woman saying Greg Noll would build a Ranchos sheriff’s substation. He said no such thing. What he said was, he would make it a priority to fund a substation when money was available. I also agree with the woman who called and said it’s time to make changes in Madera County, and that all the incumbents should start thinking about doing something else.”
  • “Madera County’s District Attorney Michael Keitz identifies himself as our county’s chief law enforcement officer, and yet he has no law enforcement officer or groups supporting his election campaign. What do they know that we do not know? Historically, the district attorney gets the endorsements of past and present sheriffs and police chiefs, while Mr. Keitz has none. Historically, the association that represents deputy district attorneys, deputy probation officers, deputy sheriffs, Madera cops, Chowchilla cops, correctional officers and even CHP officers support the district attorney. These groups do not support the district attorney, Michael Keitz. In fact, two of those groups, the deputy sheriffs association and the Chowchilla Police Officers Association, support one of Mr. Keitz’ opponents, David Linn. This is historically unheard of.”
  • “I am feeling really bad for The Madera Tribune that you are getting involved in all of the politics by letting people use names and make derogatory remarks in The Red Line. I feel the paper should not allow that. I feel like it’s a political ploy, and you are being used.”
  • “I find it quite amazing reading the paper about all the top administrators and positions that are going to be hired in this illustrious school district. It’s amazing that they can spend all that money to hire all those people, and yet, over at Madera High School, the softball diamond, which is a very, very nice diamond, does not have any lights. But we can hire more administrators. Why can’t we puts lights on the softball for coach Shaubach? I think that would be the right thing to do.”
  • “I would like to say that my children and grandchildren are no longer students at Madera Unified School District ... thank God. The decision by the school board authorizing new administrators and positions was appalling. I would like to know who on the board voted for this so that I can vote against them in the next election. I realize we are getting more money, but we should use it to lower class sizes.”
  • “This past Sunday on the TV news, I was outraged by the undocumented men and women blaming our president for making orphans of their kids by deporting both their parents. These parents entered the country illegally, with the possibility of being deported, and still continued to have kids that they cannot afford. And expect our country to provide for them financially. How dumb is that? Those young people demonstrating in front of the White House said they missed their parents. Well, let them go back to their parents.”
  • “About the IRS, we have too many churches and tax-exempt groups, etc. They should be closely scrutinized. That’s the IRS’s job. These groups should not be tax free unless they are totally nonprofit, with strict rules for use of funds. The rest of us are paying too much in taxes. Some churches are spending too much on giant, elaborate churches, and not enough on helping people.”
  • “I work in the D.A.’s office here in Madera, and I read the Red Line comment about the D.A.’s office being a horrible place to work. On the day after that Red Line article came out, the D.A.’s secretary, the office manager, was stalking around the office, Tribune in her hand, demanding to know who had called The Red Line, making employees further afraid. Morale is horrible. People who have left the office have told me they left not because of low pay, but because of the very unhealthy work environment. Employees are afraid, worn out and physically exhausted. And, completely desperate for a positive change in management. Public safety is at risk with Mike Keitz serving as D.A."
  • “In reference to the trial of Dustin Gran, that decision should have come down a long time ago. Six years is way too long. You don’t see delays like that in other murder cases.”
  • “People are calling in and complaining about all the trash in yards. Most of it is true, and I blame it on The Madera Tribune. A small-town paper should be reporting on these conditions. Send a reporter out with a camera. Take pictures and publish them in the paper. Report the conditions to the proper authorities. You have the clout to get things done."
  • “I’m calling about an incident that occurred at Town and Country Park. There was a person who was smoking a big, fat cigar right where the kids were playing, and all the kids and parents were choking. They asked if he could please move to the parking lot, but he proceeded to smoke more, just to be a jerk. He was asked several times by parents, umpires and league officials to stop, but he wouldn’t. He should be ashamed of himself.”

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