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The editor just doesn’t get it

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webmaster | 07/31/12

On July 23, you write in the Editor’s Corner that Democrats, comedians and some Republican strategists (apologists) make fun of candidate Mitt Romney for owning a horse that was entered in the Olympics. You write, “They say it makes him seem out of touch with ordinary Americans.”

I hope it was a bad news day — or do you really not get it?

They and most certainly the American public understand the use of their horse to help her with her multiple sclerosis.

My son rode and showed horses during his high school years, and I and many others in this and other communities throughout this country know the work it takes to keep a horse trained and healthy.

What you and many others in this political environment refuse to acknowledge is that the joke, or in the Republican case, to their credit, is that he really avoids, does not communicate, or represent, or understand the needs of the middle class of this country.

I and many others have no issue with his wealth or his ability to hide money in foreign accounts, as long as it’s legal. We respect and support successful individuals.

However, you mention the Kennedys. I remember Robert Kennedy going to the Appalachian Mountains to see the needs of the poor. I remember Robert walking with farm workers in their strife for good working conditions. I remember President Kennedy working to help the civil rights movement and helping people get the right to vote.

Get it?

Carlos Uranga,


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