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Drone could spy on your backyard

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webmaster | 02/26/13

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  • A caller said “You quoted Pope Benedict XVI as saying ‘faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen’. Actually, he was quoting the Bible, Hebrews Chapter 11 verse 1.”
  • A man “congratulated the paper” for the story on the pope. “On the other hand, I want to say that it is irresponsible reporting because you put down here that the butler gave inside information to a reporter who published a blockbuster book, but you don’t give the title of the book. Are you trying to hide something in the Tribune? It would be much more meaningful if you put the name of the book so those of us that want to follow up on this can go out and purchase it.” The caller left his phone number.
  • A woman said, “Tami (Jo Nix), in your column Saturday, Feb. 16, you want everybody in Madera to get together to get an In and Out. Why don’t we all get together and get a Costco or Trader Joe’s?”
  • “It’s a shame that we have to have a (school) board member be the whistle blower on the rest of the board,” began a woman. “Cheating, underhanded, backroom deals are nothing new for Madera Unified. But it is about time that we have somebody honest enough that will come forward no matter what the repercussions are. Thank you, Lynn Cogdill.”
  • Another woman said, “that school board member, (Ricardo) Arredondo, needs to step down. We need real people. People that are truthful. He needs to resign now.”
  • “I’m calling in regards to the infighting in Madera Unified School District,” began a woman. “If I was Mr. Frausto, and he is a wonderful man, I would run in the other direction just as fast as I can. He would do well for the district, but I don’t know if we deserve him.”
  • A woman called “about the lawyer who called last week about Loraine Goodwin. I’ve kind of wondered about whether all the credentials she has behind her name are actually true. And the Fresno lawyer’s coming forward makes it all the more suspicious about her degrees. When she ran for school board I thought that should have been checked into. We seemed to vote for her because she was a minority and a woman, and nobody knew who she was.”
  • A man said, “The response to Chuck Doud’s editorial, ‘Look up in the sky it’s a drone,’ is that it is a grave and serious mistake to put drones in the hands of law enforcement lightly. We have the technology to see through walls and clothing like at our airports. Imagine you, your son or daughter setting by the pool being filmed by a drone with this technology. Would you be comfortable? Or, while you are having a barbecue with friends in the backyard, a drone, with facial recognition capabilities circles your yard. Every moment, of every person in the country could be recorded. I hope I’m not the only one that is uncomfortable with this.”
  • A gentleman said, “I really enjoyed Emo’s “Meanderings in Saturday’s paper. It is nice to see him back in the desert and writing about it. His descriptions put me right there with him.”
  • But a woman said, “I read your writer Emo’s story about when he was in the desert last week. I guess he isn’t so caring about his so-called gal after all. Leaving her home while he wanders around out there and probably wearing those horrible shorts too.”
  • A lady “just read the letter from the attorney in Oakhurst. Hip, hip, hooray, David Linn. You said everything right. Everybody agrees with you. He’s the guilty one. It’s about time (DA Michael) Keitz came true with everything.”
  • A man said he “just finished reading, for the second time, attorney David Linn’s assessment of what I call the county transparency in government case featuring our present district attorney, Mr. Keitz. Attorney Linn is exactly on point and sees the situation for exactly what it is. Although he touches on this I’d like to point out again the time Mr. Keitz traveled out of town for court appearances, settlement conferences, mediation, strategy meeting with his own attorney, all the while getting paid by the taxpayers. If a clerk in his office had to attend traffic school I bet their time would stop.”
  • A woman “saw something in front of Walgreen’s that was very upsetting — a mother, child and baby begging. It is so wrong. It’s cold outside. There’s no bathroom. Go over to the (Rescue) Mission or Holy Family Table. Then, when I was leaving Walgreen’s there was a man and a woman and a baby begging over by Walmart. What’s going on here? Something has to be done. Call CPS (Child Protective Services).”
  • A man said, “I just read Jim Glynn’s column (Feb. 21) for the first time in a long time. I quit reading it because it is just too long and he is often times just boring. It started out well in what seemed to be an attempt to add some humor, but after the first paragraph I hardly found it funny, just confusing and long.”
  • “I am not a happy subscriber,” began a caller. “I just received a notice in the mail that my delivery of the paper would now be through the Post Office because you cannot find a carrier that is reliable. I can’t understand with our long line of unemployed what is going on. Is it low wages? Or is it easier to collect unemployment than to get a job?”
  • “No nationwide search for a Madera High football coach, what an embarrassment,” said a man. “What’s a real shame is the administration forced out coach Blankenship. He went onto win a championship at his new school. Now we have an assistant as head coach who was fired here as head coach during my grandson’s senior season. This town deserves better.”

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