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Drivers should use lights in the fog

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webmaster | 12/11/12

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  • “There are so many drivers out here in the fog without their headlights on,” began a man. “It should be your headline. I don’t know what is wrong with them. There are many more this year than in the past. Don’t they understand they might be able to see, but oncoming traffic can’t see them. Besides, it is against the law to not have your headlights on in the fog.”
  • A “Catholic Christian” who left her name, said, “I would like to say thank you to Mr. Uribe for putting your letter in the paper. (Columnist) Tami Jo (Nix) has a problem with Catholics and as a Catholic Christian I am very concerned with her article. I am very grateful we have a space to tell our side of the story and say our part.”
  • A man responded “to the caller about wanting to know who it was who said they could only have yard sales once a month. My understanding is the city never allowed a person to have a yard sale every Saturday. It originally was one person could have a yard sale three times a year. Now, you can have one the first Saturday of each month, which would allow you to have twelve a year. The person needs to get his facts straight.”
  • A man called and asked “the writer of the letter about (columnist) Tami Jo Nix and what branch of the military the writer served in protecting our freedoms including freedom of speech? Tami Jo has a right to express her opinions as does the writer. But to suggest that she should be fired seems to amount to suppression of free speech. I hope we all remember Adolf Hitler tried it, and he failed.”
  • A man said, “I wish the people would stop all this D.A. bashing. Mr. Keitz (district attorney) has been really good for Madera. He enforces new laws that stopped graffiti. He saved Madera thousands and thousands of dollars each month. Making the vandals be responsible and their parents be responsible. He has helped Madera so much. I just wish people would stop bashing him. He is worth saving for Madera.”
  • “I just wanted to thank Leon Emo for the wonderful write up on Waldo Miles,” began a gentleman. “It was great, and being a friend of Waldo, it sure brought back a lot of memories. But I’m not as young as I used to be because I remember some of that stuff. We need more of that in the paper. It was really enjoyable and it made my whole day. Leon, we miss you at the bowling alley. You should come out and say hi, because you were very much a part of this as well.”
  • A lady wanted to know, “how much it would be for the Tribune. If there is any way you could let me know, I would appreciate it. (Note: The Tribune’s subscription are as follows: $7.89 monthly; $19.89 for three months; $45.79 for six months; and $69.89 for 1-year. Christmas special: $55.28 plus five cans of food for the Food Bank for 1-year. Call 674-2424 to subscribe.)
  • A woman said, “I just want to thank the staff and writers of the Madera Tribune. It is such a wonderful local paper. Your columnists, Bill Coate, Leon Emo and the others, even Tami Jo (Nix) are fun and enjoyable to read and your local stories keep me informed. Keep up the good work and Merry Christmas.”

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