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webmaster | 04/09/13

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  • A man who “lives in the neighborhood across from the high school baseball park,” said, “it seems like in this day of budget crunch and laying off school teachers how many countless nights the lights are left on at the baseball park for no reason at all. They could put that money to better use and not lay off teachers.”
  • A woman “called for Madera Community Hospital. Last Thursday we held a meeting at the children’s visitor center at the hospital, not Valley Children’s. It was with the Greater Good or Madera Kiwanis (Club) and money was donated to the visitor’s center and pictures were taken. There was supposed to be an article in the newspaper and we haven’t seen it yet.”
  • A caller asked if “we forgot to put the raffle thing on as you have at the first of every month — just bringing it to your attention.”
  • A woman said, “Super King restaurant is a very good restaurant with very, very good food.”
  • A woman advised, “beware public, there is a scammer, dressed in scrubs, pretending to represent a local dentist office. He is going around to local businesses trying to pressure people to give him their credit card numbers for unbelievable dental deals. He wouldn’t leave his business card or a flyer. Everything had to be done now. I hope the public will call the police when he shows up so he can be caught.”
  • A lady called “about the drama teacher at Madera South. Ginger Latimer does not set a very good example for her students. I saw their play and thought it was very good and well attended. But before that Latimer went to several locations to put up posters advertising the play and the price of admission. Starbucks would not allow her to put up a poster. Because of corporate policy no flyer or poster can be displayed that has a price. The teacher evidently could not accept this and through Facebook told her students to boycott Starbucks. This is totally wrong. I know Starbucks supports many community activities and youth projects.”
  • A regular caller said, “I don’t mean to be picky, picky, but I’m watching Storm Warn 30, the most wonderful climatologist in the Valley. I’m watching and reading and they predicted it would be dry today and it’s pouring rain. Obviously, it is Storm Wrong 30.”
  • A lady, who didn’t receive her paper, said, “I need a number for The Madera Tribune.” (Note: If you don’t receive your paper, call 674-2424 after 8 a.m.)
  • A man wanted “to congratulate the Tribune on a job well done on the 2013 Pride Edition and for every correspondent that did an article. I also liked the references to many of the business, which I plan to use.”
  • A caller had a question about “the new appointed supervisor (Nevarez). How is it that this new supervisor, appointed by Gov. Jerry Brown, is the one that goes down to Fresno to talk in favor of the high-speed rail instead of talking to his constituents? He hasn’t talked to me and I’m not in favor of it. He wants it himself. Where does he get off talking for all the people in his district when he hasn’t even met with them? That is the biggest bogus farce I’ve ever heard.”
  • “Mr. Doud, you goofed again,” began a woman. “First about your comments about downtown Madera, but now, today, April 2, you have the front page headline all about the South High School play and big pictures. On the back page you have, in smaller print, ‘Lawsuit filed to stop casino in Madera.’ There are a lot of people who are against the Vegas-style casino right here on our doorstep. There was room in the front page for the school story. The headline should have been the lawsuit to stop the casino.”
  • “Good afternoon,” began a lady. “I just wanted to comment on a few articles that have appeared in the paper. First, it is really a shame that the Chukchansi tribe cannot get along. It all has to do with finances, but I truly feel they are making enough money to give to all members of the tribe. Second, I would like to say how shameful it is of Cheryl Schmidt trying to file a lawsuit and include Governor Brown’s latest escapade about the North Fork tribe. You know, Indians used to own all the land in this valley and it was the white man who took it away from them. Don’t you think these Indians have a right to earn some sort of a living?”
  • A lady had “a message to the person that is trying to stop the casino from being built. What are you thinking? Don’t you know what the casino will do? It will put hundreds of people back to work and get them off welfare and food stamps. Madera has so many people out of work because there are no jobs available. Madera needs the casino to put people back to work.”
  • “Mr. Doud’s article about tri-tips is nuts,” began a man. “Tri-tip is extremely easy to cook and one of the most flavorful roasts you can buy. The only thing you need to know is how to cut it, which is against the grain. If you can’t figure that out, cut a small piece. If it is tough cut the other direction. Duh.”

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