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Disagrees with list of entitlements

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webmaster | 01/09/12

I read and reread Jim Glynn’s column that appeared on Jan. 5. I hope I am not the only one to write of this. His topic of the 2nd Bill of Rights is socialist at least.

Article 1. Every citizen is entitled to a meaningful job that pays well. Why? Just because? What if you don’t care, didn’t take advantage of the education offered, don’t get up til noon and are late to work? We all have the opportunity to apply for work. We are not all equal when it come to skills. I can’t fix an automatic transmission. Haven’t been trained to, don’t need to. Work may not be meaningful to you but it is to your boss.

I stuffed papers when I was in high school. Put the advertisements into the daily papers before delivery. Did it by hand. Boring to me, meaningful to my boss. I don’t do that anymore.

Article 5. Every farmer should be able to sell his crop for a decent living. No mention of quality. What if the farmer is lazy and doesn’t put in the hours of care that is required? Pay him anyway? No. Perhaps he should stuff papers instead. Our original Constitution and Bill of Rights are just fine. They are built on the Golden Rule.

Article 2. Everyone is entitled to breath clean air. How are you going to do that? Nature blows dust. The earth emits sulfurous gases. Skunks may cross your path. Populations create bad air, but people go to those places to find meaningful work. Golden Rule. Try not to emit pollutants while creating meaningful work.

How much clean air do we actually need? Lee Iococca said that and was criticized for it. I thought it was quite profound.

Article 4. Baloney.

Article 7. Baloney.

Entitled, entitled ... That’s what got us into the mess we are in. Government (jobs?) prevailing wage? We need to rethink some of these entitlement things.

Bill Hoffrage,


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