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Disagrees about overpopulation

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webmaster | 02/25/12

I cannot believe that I have such a strong disagreement with the author of the column Gravy by the Slice that ran Feb. 18. I do not recall the last time that I read an article by this author but when I did last Saturday I about fell out of my chair. I found that I had to disagree with several points made therein, but will write about only two.

I cannot believe that people are still talking about overpopulation in this world, where we are constantly finding new ways to produce food in more abundance and with fewer resources. There is overpopulation in areas where corrupt regimes are present but I know of no place in the world where a free people live that have problems with their long-term food supply.

That is especially true in America. The American farmer has the gift of taking anything that Mother Nature gives over the long run and making something useful out if it. The American farmer can even take the constantly changing attitudes of elitist environmentalists in stride and can produce food with less water and land.

Imagine what would happen if reason prevailed and those that are never hesitant to drink the farmer’s wine or eat his bounty would simply allow him to exercise his free agency, protect the land that he works hard to preserve for his family and produce more food based upon what the larger market requires.

The irony of the whole thing is amazing to me. If an overzealous government and misinformed environmentalists would simply get out of the way, farmers could produce enough to feed everyone and then to spare.

Those countries, or hot spots in the world where famine is present, need only to look at their corrupt regimes for answers, not the ability of this good earth to produce.

Keep your tired themes of overpopulation to yourself and let those that have some vision do their job.

Second, how can you espouse the idea that the government (or any one man of the government) has the right to force an entire group of people to do something contrary to their will simply because it is what he (in the name of the government) wants them to do?

Contraception is not a question here. What is in question is if one man in the government has the right to tell an entire group of people what they can or cannot do. Our current president (and his wife) seem to be on a tirade to do just that.

After commanding the religious groups of our country to provide free contraceptives to their employees, he received such a backlash from a sleeping giant that he quickly changed his tack and forced an entirely different group (the insurance companies) to act against their will.

That is the action that we need to focus on. Can one man, on his own without oversight from Congress or from the people, make a law that will impact anyone just because he feels it to be a good idea? Just because the First Lady does not want all of us to be overweight, does she have the right to force school districts to tell us through our children what we can and cannot give to them for lunch?

All of those that declare that they want to be free should be aware of the actions of this one man. People can leave a religion but it is much more difficult to leave a nation.

Please think about what we are facing in this world. Who is the real enemy to our way of life? Those that are doing what they can to support free agency or those that wish to force their will upon all of us.

Allan Barros,

Writer says police were rude to him

I read your article about the drive-by shooting that happened on Santa Cruz Street, when Sgt. Lawson said residents need to be aware of what’s going on in their neighborhoods. However, Madera Police Department that night wasn’t too keen on giving information to residents.

That night officers were on our street (Santa Bonita), and I asked what was going on, and an officer replied to me: “Mind your own damn business.” He then went on to say: “What the hell are you doing out here anyway? Get inside your house.”

I am a Neighborhood Watch member. Madera Police Department didn’t help us organize our group, and never responded to my email or call.

It was very rude of the officer. I had eight neighbors call me and ask me what was going on, and I couldn’t get any information to ease their minds.

Whenever we’ve had a problem in our neighborhood, they usually are very informative, but that night, they were disrespectful and very rude. They also searched our backyards, and broke my fence.

Madera Police Department seemed like they weren’t interested in helping us as much as they made it seem in the paper.

H. Gonzalez,


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