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The Democrats seemed in disarray

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webmaster | 09/07/12

I didn’t intend to watch much of this Democratic convention, but Iturned the TV on to find the convention in disarray. Someone had taken the words “God” and “Jerusalem” out of their platform and nobody would admit to who did that.

Mayor Villaraigosa of Los Angeles was trying to get a voice vote of the delegates to reinsert those words back into the platform. It had already been preordained by the president to put those words back in but Villaraigosa had to try three times because the “nos” were as loud as the “ayes” so he finally said that the “ayes” have it and passed by the two-thirds vote required, and his teleprompter told him so.

By the way, Villaraigosa had earlier complained that the Republicans were just trotting out a brown face for the votes at their convention, so what did the Democrats do? They trotted him out for the same reason.

Dr. Lorraine Goodwin’s article in the Sept. 5 paper had some jabs at the Republican vice presidential candidate, Paul Ryan, but she completely ignores the fact that we now have the biggest boob in history as VP. He can’t give a speech without sticking one or both feet in his mouth. I can’t wait until the debates when Biden has to go up against Ryan.

If President Obama cannot use a teleprompter, he will be in trouble also. The president said in an interview early in his presidency that if unemployment remained above 8 percent he would be a one-term president, and it has not been below 8 percent during his 3 1/2 years in the White House, and stands at 8.3 percent now, and our debt just passed $16 trillion.

I see Sandra Fluke is giving a speech now for Obama. Remember? Her road to fame was she wanted the taxpayers to pay for her contraceptives because she couldn’t afford them while in college? Wow!

Frank Bradford,


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