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A compliment for Bobby Sox crew

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webmaster | 08/13/13

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  • A lady, “wanted to compliment the Madera Tribune for their excellent coverage of our national softball tournament that was held in Madera. They did an outstanding job covering all the teams that were here. I also want to say a big thank you to Debbie and Phil Magos for hosting the tournament. It was a lot of hard work for the girls and Madera.”
  • A woman thought “it was really sad to read about a dead dog being left by Animal Control for four days and they had to call the police for them to do something about it. Why is it that Animal Control is not funded very much? They need to be funded so they can go out and pick up these animals.”
  • “I agree with the woman who said we need some clarity with the school system,” began a lady. “It is amazing we haven’t heard very much this summer about this in the Tribune. I still wonder if the teachers are going to strike. I have three children. I will not be sending them to school if I have to cross a picket line with them. I think it is crazy they have a new superintendent that almost makes 20 percent more than what they were paying the old one when they won’t give teachers benefits. They haven’t had a raise in almost six years even with the cost of living going up. It would be great to know what is going on, and I think the Tribune needs to support the teachers and the children of Madera Unified.” (Editor’s note: The Tribune has covered the teacher-school labor dispute throughout the summer thoroughly. For the latest, see Page A1 on Saturday.)
  • A fast-talking woman said, “it was disrespectful how (county supervisor) Max Rodriguez spoke to Tracy Kennedy at the (undistinguishable word) board meeting. Shame on you, chairman Rodriguez.”
  • “After reading (last) week’s Red Line,” a man said, “this is the first I’ve heard of this overpass thing for our president. Seems like the only reason why they are doing the overpass thing is because the man is of a different color. I’m proud to say that our president can travel out of the United States without threat of being arrested for crimes against humanity. How many of the last administrations can travel outside the U.S. without being threatened to be arrested? Thank you very much and the president is doing a great job.”
  • A lady was “just calling to comment on Madera Community Hospital and the ER (Emergency Room) Department. I would like to say if you are sick or injured don’t even waste your time going there. Drive to Fresno’s Kaiser or St. Agnes and have better chances of being seen quicker. I guess if you are an inmate you can be seen quicker at Madera.”
  • A man said, “after this Saturday’s yard sales, whoever thought up this idea of having all the yard sales on one weekend has to have been nuts. There was more confusion and traffic in the roads, it was worse than being in San Francisco.” He also had a message “for the lady that said they were trying to shove the casino down our throats. If she would keep her mouth shut she wouldn’t be in trouble.”
  • A woman said, “I just want people who are against the casino, and really we all should be, to look at front page of Thursday’s paper. This is what is going to happen to us. They say they are going to help us, and helping our Sheriff’s Department, by suing us. That’s what’s going to happen.”
  • A woman who “plays bingo at the Elks Lodge twice a month, noticed they have a charter bus trip planned to San Francisco for a baseball game. What a fun time that would be to have a driver and have a fun day in the city. There’s a phone number on the flier (673-2052) so call if you’re interested. It’s just another good thing those fellow Maderans are doing for the community. And thank you Tribune for having the Red Line so we can have a voice.”
  • “I’ve been having a problem at the parks,” a man and a “cancer survivor” began. “We see all these stories about smoke causing cancer. I went to the Little League games this summer and there was smoking behind the stands and at the snack bar. Can’t we have a non-smoking park? I would like something done for the kids. If you have to smoke do it away from the kids and other people. The guy that runs the parks, it has been brought to his attention before. We need to approach the city leaders and have a city ordinance to have a no smoking park.”
  • A man had a message for “code enforcement director, I believe his name is Taubert. Why don’t you jump in your car and drive around town to enforce some of the codes you have in place. One of them is putting the trash barrels behind the gates. There is a house (block and street named) that has never put their trash barrels away. They have them on the sidewalk. On top of that they have chairs, couches and broken wheels, lowering the value of the property around Lincoln School.”
  • And an online contribution: “When you live in a housing authority house they should do repairs; instead if anything needs repair they charge the tenant for the cost of anything plus labor for the worker; it’s like paying their salary. And, community service is something that should not be forced on the tenant because that’s just stupid. Plus ... mildew ... everywhere have to spray bleach with half water to get rid of it.”

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