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Comments on story about DA

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webmaster | 11/27/12

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  • “I would like to thank the Madera Tribune for the new section ‘What’s Hot’,” began a woman. “It really helps to know what is happening that day and for all the beautiful pictures of all the different activities going on in the community.”
  • A “county worker” said, “I’m responding to the removal of the campaign signs. The bottom line is there ain’t no one in the county as far as code enforcement. There isn’t even anybody there to take a phone call. So good luck with that.”
  • The same caller nearly every week left his first name and talked about the same subject. “I just want to say my opinion on oil companies. The solution is we should have publicly owned refineries run by the cities. These little micro-refineries can supplement our city’s needs for gas and not put the burden on the citizens. Each city’s refineries would be supplemented by bonds. The citizens would be able to buy bonds to start up oil refineries.”
  • “Let me get this straight,” began a lady, “I read the article four times. The district attorney has already cost the county $1.3 million in losses. The board of supervisors appointed him and now he’s cost the county $30,000 in a report that nobody has seen, yet somebody had to authorize the payment for this report. Now Keitz is going to court to keep the Tribune from getting it? You know, you threw DeWall under the truck. Why not throw Michael Keitz under the truck before he throws the county under the truck? Somebody needs to step up and get rid of the county officials. I can’t wait to see what you have to say.”
  • A man called on the same subject. “If the DA hired this other attorney to look into things wouldn’t that be attorney-client privileged information. And if it contains employee information wouldn’t that be personal information that could be let out to all these people? The portion of the article I found interesting was the part concerning the former DA, Ernie LiCalsi. Maybe somebody should be investigating how lax a supervisor he was and now we have a strong supervisor in place that maybe some of the employees don’t like.”
  • A lady said, “That’s the way to go Sam. You tell them. That’s freedom of speech.”
  • A man said, “somebody needs to investigate some of the administrative decisions at Madera High School. First they flip flop a schedule that the school voted down then it had to go to because of (Madera) South (High). South said somebody is lying. It sure cuts into softball practice hours and they have no lights. Secondly, someone needs to look into the attendance scandal that could be called a white-collar crime or fraud. Thirdly, taking a 4-6 team to the playoffs this year when last year’s seniors, with an identical record, were not allowed. Shame on the administration. The school board needs to step up and make some administrative changes. My granddaughter deserved better.”
  • “We took a nice drive through the county this week,” said a lady. “When is Rico Oller going to take down all his campaign signs? He needs to be fined for every sign he has not taken down.”

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