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Comments on grilling of Clinton

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webmaster | 01/25/13

It was bizarre during their quiz of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton that the Republican senators felt they had conclusive evidence as to who carried out the Benghazi attack, although Clinton repeatedly stated there is no real knowledge as to what happened or who carried out the embassy assault (and all the senators agreed they had no official information).

It is clear that: 1) President Bush started the Middle East wars under false pretenses by claiming the presence of weapons of mass destruction — a full lie. The Bush war was a war for natural resources. Bombing innocents and killing brave soldiers.

2) The CIA is planting false information inside of Washington, DC. Colin Powell was forced, by President Bush and the CIA, to stand by the weapons of mass destruction allegations, against his better judgment. They wanted a minority to call for war against the Muslims. The CIA fed Ambassador Rice false information for her TV talking points for news shows right after the 09/11/2012 Bengazi incident. While the State Department was busy trying to save lives, the CIA changed Dr. Rice’s TV talking points and fed her information about a demonstration and the YouTube video as sources for the assault. Everyone knew the cause was probably the 9/11 anniversary. I watched the video and knew that it did not instigate the assault. As a government employee, Dr. Rice had to follow the official talking points given to her by the CIA for the TV interviews, no matter how ridiculous.

The CIA (and al Qaeda) went into Libya to agitate the country and cause the fall of Bengazi, which later led to the horrendous attack and killing of Qaddafi. With the lack of leadership in Libya, the area was chaotic and hostile. Ambassador Chris Stevens was working out of a Bengazi hotel. After the hotel was assaulted several times, he was finally bombed out of the hotel. He evacuated to a more bunker-like embassy. In the meantime, the locals bombed the Red Cross, forcing them to leave. They also bombed out the British ambassador in June 2012, and he left. Crowds were at the same time trying to scale the Cairo embassy walls to attack. India and Indonesia embassies were under attack at the same time.

Ambassador Stevens had the experience, confidence, desire and ability to work in the area in the past and he did not want to leave. Later the new bunker entrance was bombed, and later the big assault that led to the four killings. Allegedly, Ambassador Stevens was riding out of the complex when he was killed. He should have left earlier, as the Red Cross did. It is notable that the Marines stationed at the embassies are only there to protect classified information and papers. The marines do not protect anyone in the embassy. Personnel security is additional and separate. Ambassador Stevens was involved in the initial Bengazi uprising and revolution and clearly knew the risks to his life and his staff. He accepted the risks and could have survived by getting out of the area earlier. Why did he stay? It is unclear whether Stevens was also connected with the CIA or whether he sold weapons to anti-Qaddafi agents during the revolution.

I believe McCain is senile and his questioning of Clinton continued to support my prior observations. The main over-riding goals of Republican senators during the Senate hearing were to try to find a problem-link relating back to Ambassador Rice or President Obama. They were unsuccessful and appeared politically partisan.

The accounting review board (non-partisan) now states the State Department needs an additional $2.2 billion per year from Congress for embassy security. In the past, the Republican Congress eliminated $300 million from the State Department budget. It is notable that even though the CIA (and al Qaeda?) is now destabilizing and destroying Syria, Syria remains quiet, for now. Eyes worldwide, including Germany and the US, are now clearly focused on Africa.

If we in the US will soon be busting into embassies and fighting for freedom against invading foreign governments, I can better understand why some in the US want to keep military heavy artillery at home.

Loraine Goodwin, MD, JD
Congressional action chair, Madera County Democratic Central Committee


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