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Comments on a caller’s ‘racist’ remarks

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webmaster | 02/25/14

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  • Following are in response to a caller on Feb. 18 that wondered how many MUSD students are here illegally, then said he was “tired of paying” for illegal immigrants in town and said they should be rounded up and kicked out of town:
  • A woman said, “The government has funded Madera Unified School District to build a school. There’s funds for two schools. Apparently he’s a very prejudiced person and I’m tired of it. I’m Hispanic and I’m tired of him or others in Madera putting down our nationality. It’s not fair.”
  • A man said, “Boy, what a good article you had by Tom Purcell. How good it made me feel, until I read the Red Line and the racist comments on educating our children. Maybe the good old white people he refers to don’t move to Madera because the only work we want here is farm work. They don’t want to stoop that low. Hey, white Europeans came in from the other side of the United States. They kept getting rid of and moving aside Native Americans until they made their way here to the West. Now he wants to send us back. Back to where? Where does he think we’ve worked for centuries? Hey (chuckles) I don’t know where this racist came from. Thank you very much.”
  • A woman said, “That caller that wants to send all those Mexican workers back should know that Madera’s founding fathers did not let ... companies or businesses come in to Madera. All they cared about was the farm labor. And now you white people have to eat it.”
  • A man said, “This is for that skeptic who called in the other day. As a teacher I have sat at the lunch table with other teachers complaining about not having enough farm laborers to work his crops and had to pay them higher wages to keep them. Now that racist caller wants to send my workers back? Give yourself a break and move out of town.”
  • A woman, in regards to the Sno-White Drive-in situation: “Why do people care about that when they don’t care about the town in any other way? The town is a slum, crumbling down in filth. You cannot help but see right in plain sight massive amounts of garbage piled high in yards, empty lots used as dumps, multiple junked rusty cars, grocery carts, dogs running wild, farm animals not cared for, the list goes on. It’s sad that they obviously don’t care. It’s embarrassing to tell anyone we live here, our local officials should be ashamed to tell anyone they are the ones responsible for this eyesore we call a town. Good job, Madera officials.”
  • A woman had this advice: “For a beautiful drive to see the blossoms go south on State Route 99, east on Avenue 12, left on Road 36 and left on Avenue 15 back to town. You won’t be disappointed, but hurry because they’ll be gone.”
  • A woman said, “We’ve seen a lot of these cases in the news about people not feeding their horses, I would like to know what’s going on for a case out off Avenue 13 and something west of here. The county, animal control, whatever you want to call it, they’ve had several calls out there about horses being hungry. Well one’s dead now. A lot of us out here would like to know what’s going on. Somebody’s not feeding their horse or horses, and one dies. What the heck? Can you imagine what it looks like when one has a heart attack because it has nothing else in its body? No nutrients, no nothing? Can you imagine the other horses when they’re watching the horse that died? We may be a county of agriculture and farming but you’ve got a horse that died because it wasn’t being fed. The other ones aren’t being fed. They’re out there eating their own you-know-what. And this woman, you know, what does it take, two more horses to die before somebody does something about these horses? They’re out there wasting away and a lot of us are angry. So the horse died, they dragged it out, I don’t know what happened. Somebody’s got to speak up. How long does it take for a horse to go hungry? What’s being done about this?"
  • A woman had nothing but praise for Century 21 real estate agent Alexander Salazar. “I’ve already bought several houses from him in Madera. He’s a young agent, he’s extremely easygoing, it’s very easy to work with him. What I really respect is he’s extremely honest, he will tell me don’t buy that house, it’s not good for you or it’s not where it should be … he also offered me a warranty for each house. He’s a special agent and I think he’ll go very far.”
  • A man reported sighting “a lot of people living in the river on Tulare and Daulton streets. They’re setting up tents in the river. And I want to know what can be done about it. Is there anything we can do about it?”

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