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webmaster | 01/13/12

Wow! I am so pleased with the editorial entitled “Religion shouldn’t be test for presidency.” Someone needed to say that. While checking backgrounds of the candidates for the upcoming election for president, I found the following on Mitt Romney.

“Romney is a business genius. He holds degrees from Harvard Law School and Harvard Business.

“Romney founded Bain Capital, with successes and losses, like any other business. Bain Capital helped to rebuild hundreds of companies, including: Staples; Domino’s Pizza, and The Sports Authority.

“During the winter of 1999, the Salt Lake City Olympics was on the verge of collapse. Because of his reputation, Romney was asked to take over the project. He accepted the job, but took no salary. Under Romney’s guidance, volunteers numbered 140,000 plus.

“Now Perry is critical of Romney’s wealth. That did not seem to be a problem for the Kennedys, Roosevelts, and such. John D. Rockefeller, Jr., said about his own wealth: ‘I was born into it and there was nothing I could do about it. It was there — The only question with wealth is what to do with it.’” (The Washington Times, October 2011)

When President John F. Kennedy was elected, my paternal grandmother, a protestant minister’s widow, said this: “I can’t believe we have a Catholic president — what will happen to our country?” Even though I wasn’t particularly interested in politics in the 1960s, that comment didn’t make sense. My thoughts were: Is he qualified? How much experience does he have?

We claim to want someone to lead us for many reasons; at this time we need someone with “savvy” on economics, how to get us out of enormous debt, how to keep us safe from those who want to destroy us, etc, etc, etc.!

Enough said.

Audrey E. Pool,


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