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Comment on Common Core

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webmaster | 06/13/14

By Brian Donald O’Donovan, MA

As we engage in Common Core,
You would think that we were waging war.
Is it our enemy or is it our friend?
When will the controversy ever end?
Are the reasons for it real, or just pretend?

Is the state of education in California so dire?
Is education a Stage 5 cancer?
Is Common Core our only salvation?
Is Common Core the answer?

Common Core — What’s it for?
Is it better than the curriculum we had before?
With the one we had, we were able to win every war,
Put a man on the moon, and feed the nation’s poor.

With Common Core,
Where are we going?
And, if it’s a crop,
What are we growing?

I’m a parent. Call me a farmer.
I’m interested in the yield.
Common Core’s the seed.
My children are the field.

I just want an education
That will see my children through.
If Common Core will provide that,
Then Common Core will do.

Brian Donald O’Donovan is a Madera teacher and poet.


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