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Come on, Trump, pony up some help

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webmaster | 11/13/12

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  • “What happened to all kudos for the siren drivers that go by?” asked a lady. “I hear the CHP, firemen, policemen and the ambulance. I hear all of them. Why aren’t we covering them as well as the driver’s in the cars?”
  • A woman called referring about what “the people are giving to relieve some of the problems from hurricane Sandy. What really surprises me is that Donald Trump hasn’t delivered anything or donated anything out of his pocket or from one of his companies. Why? Because he is too worried about what Obama is doing. Come on, Trump, loosen up that wallet and give some to these needy people.”
  • A lady “and my husband attended the Pomegranate Festival last Saturday and we enjoyed it, except for the loud music played by the band that was catering to the youth. But it is not the youth that have the money in their pockets to buy the products. Even the vendors were having a hard time talking to their customers over the loud sound of the band. Many people were complaining. One vendor said she had a headache all day. They would not turn the music down. We would like to attend again, but will call the Chamber of Commerce to check first because our hearing is much more important to us than buying pomegranate products.”
  • The lady called again and asked if we could “put the headline on top to read, Music too loud at Pomegranate Festival.”
  • A caller wanted to say “congratulations to the county (crew) that repaired the street out by the Country Club. But is there an ordinance for the trucks that park out here? There was at one time and they are the ones ruining the roads.”
  • A gentleman and “first time caller,” said he “was concerned about the city complaining about banners, and illegal signs in front of stores. Why don’t they complain about panhandlers in front of stores that harass people for money? One time I called the police because my wife was harassed by one of these panhandlers, who even called her the “B” word. They said they couldn’t do nothing about it. Forget the signs. Get these panhandlers out from assaulting these folks.”
  • A lady “wanted to leave a message for the Madera voter who revealed his choices in a letter to the editor dated Nov. 6. No one cares who you voted for and don’t flatter yourself when conversations come up politically between you and what you call ‘some people.’ The ones that wait for the recommendations from the newspapers, as you said, propaganda flyers, and I’m guessing you, too. Here’s a proposition for you: take the president Mitt Romney and the vice president, what’s-his-name sign and put it next to your president McCain and vice president Palin sign. And remember, according to the city sign ordinance, your political signs are now considered graffiti.”
  • A lady had a question: “Would you trust anybody’s political point of views when they charge their own family members money to attend a family reunion? I didn’t think so. Bye, Sam Pistoresi.”
  • Another called and “thanked Sam Pistoresi for his letter to the editor, and who you said you were going to vote for. After that letter I knew whoever you listed I was not going to vote for and voted for their opponent.”
  • A woman said, “as to your deal offered as subscriber special to new and existing subscribers I’d like to add this comment. Thanks, I think, for throwing your existing subscribers a bone. The Tribune could put a little more meat on that bone for supporting the paper for over 30 years. As my grandma would say, your special is a backhanded compliment.”
  • A caller left a message “concerning Madera High soccer tryouts. Why is the coach cutting my daughter from the varsity team and choosing a girl that drives from Central out of Fresno every day to school to play on his team? I thought this was against school district rules. Madera High should be choosing one of our students to play for our team.”
  • A regular caller “wondered where all the oil companies are during this crisis besides telling us when to buy gas and not to buy gas. I think all the San Joaquin Valley counties ought to get together and create their own oil refineries so we won’t have to depend on oil from the big companies. We refine and buy our own oil.”
  • A lady “wished to thank the kind person who found my wallet near my doctor’s office and returned it by putting it through the mail slot at the office. It certainly restores your faith in the good people of our town.”

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