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Column on abortion gets comments

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webmaster | 02/28/12

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  • Many callers left messages about columnist “Tami Jo Nix’s column of Saturday, Feb. 18.” One caller “was really disappointed with her, and the Tribune allowing her to publish something like that. Something that controversial should be between her and not to be shared. The John Rieping article just gave facts unlike hers, which gave her opinion.”
  • But a woman said, “Tami, your article Saturday was great. You’ll get lots of feedback no doubt.” The caller spoke of the “hearing on the contraceptive bill. Not one woman was asked to be there, only church and counselors. I guess women have no voice.”
  • Another woman said she “was very disappointed in Tami Jo. I’m a Christian and very much disappointed in her article about our Catholic faith. To see this in our paper is very disappointing.”
  • A man said, “Finally, someone has the guts to come out and say something about contraceptives. Madera at one time was and is close to the top now of being No. 1 in the country for teenage pregnancies. Way to go, Tribune, for letting your columnist shed some light on the subject.”
  • Another woman also said, “Way to go, Tami Jo. I believe in your column 100 percent. Keep it going, girl.”
  • A woman agreed “with the Red Line call that a hundred years ago this was all Indian land. They’ve already voted to let the Indians come in and build a casino. It’s done. Get over it. We need the Indians, we need the casino, we need the jobs. Grow up.”
  • A self-declared Native American man answered the caller who said, “We don’t give lands to African-Americans or Asians.” “Of course not,” this week’s caller answered. “The white man did not go to Africa or Asia, slaughter them, men, women and children. This is our land; this is our heritage.”
  • A regular caller “gave a shout-out to my fellow Californians. We need to stop oil companies from taking California oil and selling it to us at ridiculous rates. That’s California’s oil. The people should set up a class action suit against the oil companies.”
  • A lady wanted “to file a complaint. I want to know why so many trailers and RVs are parked in the Save Mart parking lot on Cleveland and across from Walmart. They are there day in and day out. It looks like we are having an RV camp for people to live in. Somebody needs to check on having that cleaned up. It is not a free parking lot for them.”
  • A woman asked after “reading the article of Feb. 16, ‘MUSD to issue pink slips,’ my only question is, after laying off 166- plus teachers, who’s going to teach the children? Classes are packed. The teachers’ hands are tied. Not only do we need to keep the teachers, but we need to address the type of programs that are being taught. My children love their teachers and love going to school, and I can see them being used as pawns in this whole game, and I don’t appreciate it.”
  • “I wonder when Madera Unified is going to do something about the principals harassing the teachers,” began a man. “The principals are unprofessional and push teachers around. The teachers are getting very tired of this. They are uniting and you don’t even know it.”
  • A man “enjoyed John Rieping’s column on the season of Lent. Hopefully, he’ll be writing some more articles on religion.”
  • A lady wanted to know, “When are they going to fix 4th Street between the railroad and Lake Street? They keep promising, but I haven’t seen anything yet. It’s ruining my tires and car.” (Editor’s note: Preliminary work, such as engineering, already is under way. Caltrans has granted the city $5.1 million to help pay for the work, which will include widening the 4th Street bridge over State Route 99, as well as widening the street to Lake Street and making it four lanes. Construction is set to begin soon.)

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