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Climates are complicated

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webmaster | 07/13/12

This professor (see link at end of this letter) believes as I do that weather is affected or controlled by a very complex set of inputs ranging from solar output to ocean temperatures to cloud cover and vegetation.

As I’ve tried to put into perspective by asking, “What happened to that glacier that carved Yosemite Valley?” The earth has experienced several well-documented “ice ages.”

Those have occurred on something like a 300,000-year recurrence interval, as noted in the Midwest by study of earth formations. The repetitive 300,000-year recurrence interval would suggest that beginning at the coldest temperature, the earth would warm up to its hottest temperature over 150,000 years, followed by a return to the coldest temperature within another 150,000 years such as a sine wave pattern exhibits.

That’s just a suggestion the temperature swings may occur much more rapidly for unknown reasons: For example an asteroid hitting the earth and causing a massive volcanic eruption to emit particles into the atmosphere and result in wide-spread cloud cover detrimental to portions of life on earth. The “earth record” documents that these temperature swings have occurred.

Geologists assign earth features into age-equivalent groupings, then explain or infer the causative factors of those results by looking at how similar earth features are being formed today, and they have age-dated the several ice-age features in the Midwest using the same tools of observation and documentation. The earth has warmed and cooled many times over the past million years or so, and to a much greater extent than those who claim mankind has caused global warming (even by their documented “cooking of the books”) could ever suggest.

Ask any sailor about the canyons off-shore in Monterey Bay, Los Angeles, and other areas. Those canyons were formed when the ice ages had water locked-up as ice and sea levels were much lower than they are today. Thus, rivers had to flow to the sea, which was located much distant and lower in elevation than at present.

The thought of a somewhat rapid melting of ice and raising of ocean levels could explain ancient histories of say the Biblical Flood, or Atlantis sinking and so on.

In any event, the jury is out and hopefully calmer heads will prevail.

In the meantime, try this link:

Jerry Kazynski,


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