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City subject of debate

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webmaster | 08/14/12

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  • A man “wanted to congratulate the planning that went into the repair that went into the streets in Madera. Especially Fourth Street, where the timing is terrible with the approaching fair and back to school. I’m sure glad they have all the coordinators activated and doing such a good job. I take my hat off to their preplanning and coordination. Have a nice day.”
  • A man said “the Madera Police Department is the most biased police department I’ve seen in my whole life. If you know somebody on the force you have a much better chance of getting off.”
  • A caller “wanted to know what is going on with the Fresno River (Trail) undercrossing at Schnoor Street. They put all that money into that and now it is going to have to be rebuilt. Did they screw up by putting it too close to someone’s property or what? Thank you very much and have a great day.”
  • A woman asked, “Why is our school superintendent still driving around in a car with Oregon license plates? If he indeed bought a home here and plans on staying it is only right that he register his vehicle with the state of California or is he planning to leave us and go back to Oregon?”
  • A man “thanked Bill Coate for the article on the after -school program in Madera schools. So we have (Trustee Ricardo) Arredondo to thank for closing down Club Yes and causing 100 Maderans to get laid off. We can thank the MUSD Board (of Trustees) for sending the task to an agency in Fresno. Whose idea was that? We’ll just wait until the first day of school to see if the parents have a high quality afterschool program for their kids.”
  • “The Salvation Army (store) has been gone for I don’t know how long,” began a woman. “But people are still dropping stuff off at the place where it used to be.” She mentioned several items including “tires” being dropped off. “I guess people don’t realize they’re gone or they just don’t care. It doesn’t look too nice back there.”
  • A man responded to “last week’s caller who complained about a man in a store using food assistance checks the wrong way and our taxes paying for it.” This week’s caller said, “that’s a bunch of crap. Who do you think pays for all the marijuana facilities all over this country? We need to get rid of them. They’re not free. I think the people are paying for those.”
  • “I was wondering about the once-a-month yard sales,” began a man. “I think it would be appropriate for those people that have yard sales to take down their signs. They are all over after the sales, especially on Granada (Avenue). They’re on telephone poles, they’re everywhere.”
  • A man commented “on the oil refinery explosion. It’s a shame the oil company is taking full advantage of the situation. There are 12 other refineries producing oil with plenty of gas coming in. This is just another ploy, a manipulation by the monopoly that is the oil companies.”

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